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Incorporate Your Business Brand into Your Office Décor

Your business brand can be a make-or-break element for your success. Your brand is how customers remember you, and it also drives your employee and vendor relationships.

When you have a strong brand, it can help cultivate success. Without an impactful, well-defined brand, your business may lose focus and have trouble meeting objectives.

Your branding should be part of not only how you do business, but how your business looks.

The following are tips for integrating your business brand into your office design and décor.


While we typically think of our office décor as what’s inside our workspace, your branding should be well-established in the first parts of your business visitors see, which is usually your signage. When you’re choosing lettering and signage for your office, you want to set the immediate tone for the rest of your businesses’ brand.

You want your sign to get attention, to identify you, and to match what people are going to find inside your workspace in terms of branding.

If your business, is for example, very modern and you have traditional lettering and signage, you’re immediately veering off-brand, and it can be tough to bring people’s perception back online with what you want to portray.

Consider Colors

Colors can go a long way in helping brand your business through your office design and décor.

If your brand is conservative and traditional, or perhaps you’re in a more serious industry, use neutrals as your primary color choices. If your business is modern, technology-driven, or more creative, use bold colors to show this.

If you already have colors that are part of your brand elsewhere, such as on your company website, try to use those if possible.

Even if you don’t want too much color in your office, you can do an accent wall.

Another way to integrate colors that reflect your brand, without feeling like it’s “too much” include adding them as décor accents. For example, maybe your art reflects your branding colors, or perhaps your accessories like rugs or throw pillows.

Include Your Mission and Values

If you don’t already have defined company values, as well as a mission statement, create them.

You should have them prominently displayed in your office as well.

This puts these at the forefront of everything your employees are doing, and it lets your customers know instantly what you’re all about.

Think About Your Layout

The layout of your office can reflect your brand as well as the colors and décor items. If your brand is traditional, your office layout might reflect that with something more along the lines of cubicles or independent workspaces.

You can create an image of teamwork and shared ideas as well as transparency by using a more open layout.

Many businesses have a brand that’s about both working independently and collaborating, so maybe your office space is mixed. There are dedicated spaces for both work approaches.

In addition to the overall layout, function plays more of a role in the branding of your office than you might realize.

If you’re a business with a brand that’s geared toward happy employees, make sure employees enjoy a comfortable workspace, with places they can go to relax during their breaks.

Are You Eco-Friendly?

Many businesses are focusing their branding on having a set of values. Customers want to shop or work with businesses they feel share their values.

Being eco-friendly and sustainable might be part of those values.

If so, incorporate this into your office design. For example, make use of natural light, and when you do use artificial sources of light, opt for something like LEDs that are more eco-friendly.

Work on making your office paper-free as much as possible, and post reminders throughout about ways employees can be more environmentally-conscious during their day.

Consult An Expert

If you’re unsure where to get started with your office décor and tying it into your branding, consult a professional. This might be a graphic designer who can help you with signage design and graphics, or perhaps an interior designer.

An outside expert can help you gain a better understanding of what people outside your organization might see when they look at your workspace and whether or not it effectively translates to your branding.

Finally, don’t be afraid to add personality. Just because it’s an office doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun with the décor. You want people to remember what’s unique about your organization when they visit your office.