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5 Bridal Shower Ideas for a Great and Memorable Celebration

Saying goodbye to maidenhood, moving to an essential new status —a spouse’s status — these events are accompanied by great excitement and anxiety. The best way to distract yourself from the wedding’s organizational thoughts and other worries is to enjoy a pre-wedding bachelorette party. 

A bridal shower is an event whose importance lies not in the tradition itself but rather in the emotion. Positivity, lightness, pleasant surprises, cheer, and support of close friends — just what the bride needs before the wedding! Learn TOP 5 ideas for a memorable celebration.

1. Pink Marshmallows

The party will be perfect for the bride who loves everything delicate and pink. If the party is at home, you can decorate the room with balloons of soothing colors, choosing the right ones on ​

Ask your guests to dress in all pink or pastel shades. Doll paraphernalia is welcome: rhinestones, sequins, feathers, fur boas, fans, jewelry, crowns, or tiaras. Wearing such fancy outfits, you can go to a restaurant or make a stunning and original photoshoot. 

2. Party in the Quest Room

An excellent idea for a party is a bachelorette party-quest for girls who love adventure, riddles, and surprises. In this case, the quest can be prepared by girlfriends for the bride, trying themselves as organizers, or you can order an exceptional service — the quest room, where girls can perform tasks as a team.

3. Slumber Party

It is perfect for a house party. Wear fancy pajamas, fun eye masks, and cute fuzzy slippers! Or throw a sexy party with translucent negligees, silk nightgowns, and garters. You’ll end up with a cozy little get-together as well as a boisterous party with fun contests. 

Any party with balloons becomes a perfect location for bright and colorful photos. Decorate the room with flying balloons, and you will see the sincere delight and pleasure in the guests’ eyes.

At midnight you can go outside with balloons. Ask your girlfriends to write a wish on a piece of paper in advance and tie them to the ribbon. Then, let your desires out into the sky. Balloons allow showing imagination and getting a lot of positive emotions.

4. Bridal Shower in the Marine-Style

Say goodbye to the unmarried life in this creative sea theme. Any marine-themed clothing and matching decorations will do, for example, a fun sailor hat! These can be shorts, vests, skirts, blouses with a square collar, or T-shirts. 

The colors used in clothing with a maritime theme: blue, white, yellow. The option of using a pirate outfit can be fun. The best place to celebrate such a party is a stylish yacht. Today, there is no problem renting a marine vessel. The only limitation may be your budget.

5. Smart Party

If you have an intelligent friend, give her a bachelorette party at an improvised movie theater. Buy champagne and oysters, wear beautiful dresses, pearls, and feathers, and watch a couple of old or art-house movies — isn’t that the standard of an intellectual night for the creative elite? Listen to a gramophone instead of a DJ.

If your girlfriend has an outright favorite book or writer, that will do just fine as a party theme. “Alice in Looking Glass” or “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” are some of these books that seem to have been written with the idea that one day you will do a bachelorette party based on them. These outfits are easy to guess, and the decorations aren’t hard to arrange.