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Top 4 Tips on Creating Memes that Will Enhance Your Brand

Memes are culturally relevant and funny content that will boost the engagement of your brand. This will have a massive impact on your brand image as long as they are done right. The culture of memes is extremely persuasive on social media platforms and they are an indication that brands as serious about their engagement. Timely and relevant memes have higher chances of going viral that would ultimately enhance the visibility of the brand. 

However, many brands fail to upload memes timely as they don’t understand the importance of memes for their brand voice. One of the great reasons memes are interesting content is because they work great on multiple platforms. Creating viral-ready memes will allow your followers to link back to your social media accounts. 

Brands that use memes correctly will have a great understanding of their audiences. In this article, we will discuss the top 4 tips on creating great memes for your brand.

Target Your Existing Audience

Do you know many meme marketing campaigns fail to attract new audiences? This is because they avoid looking at the people who already follow their brand. Notice your existing followers as well as the content they share. This way you can determine whether they like your brand or not and you’ll be able to attract new followers. 

Hence, if you want to grow your audience’s base, make sure you target your existing audiences. Many traditional meme concepts will attract millennial audiences but not Gen Z audiences. As per Hootsuite, Generation Z is very smart. If your brand is struggling to attract Gen Z audiences, consider hiring a Gen Z influencer who will share your brand memes. 

Upload Timely

Remember that memes aren’t evergreen content so they will have a different impact from the other social content of your marketing strategy. If you don’t upload memes timely, you might discover that the popularity of the meme has been decreased. The great meme marketing strategies are spontaneous and timely. 

When you see an attractive meme with a possible opportunity to engage, use the template as soon as you can. However, if you’re confused regarding the potential backlash, use memes on your Instagram stories to test the response before uploading. 

Remember that sometimes you’ll create memes that your audiences will love, other times your memes might not impress them. 

Make Sure You Know the Joke

One of the great benefits of memes for the brand is showing that you’re taking part in the part. However, if you don’t know the right concept, your brand won’t be able to utilize the proper meaning. If you want to use a traditional meme, consider checking Meme Scout to get a proper understanding of the context. 

You can also find new trends by following other creators. Even though understanding the meaning of the meme takes time, but it will save your brand from potential embarrassment. 

Make Sure the Memes are Relevant

Implementing humor on something that isn’t relevant to your brand voice will put your brand image at risk. Hence, if you want to avoid losing followers through memes, make sure you keep the branding in mind. 

This will also help you to separate your brand voice from the other marketing messaging before you start implementing memes on your social media marketing strategies. While uploading the meme, make sure your audiences have the same sense of humor like yours. 


These are the top 4 tips on creating memes that will enhance your brand. Do you have any questions? Comment below to let us know.