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Home Based Business Ideas for Artistic People

‘Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life’. Or so goes the famous sentiment. This is often thought to be extremely hard to achieve, and just a pipe dream for many. All of us wish to make money out of our hobbies and earn a living while having fun. Well, the thing is – that no longer has to be a daydream, especially with the current economy which is brimming with opportunities for creative professionals. Leave tedious, mindless work behind and become a creative entrepreneur. Earn a living by living your dreams. If you feel your talent deserves a better chance, keep reading to see how to turn creativity into profit while working at home, easily and with a reasonable investment.

Sell online

Let the internet work for you. The only shop you need to set up is an online one. Crafty products such as knitting, painting, sculpting, illustrating or sewing can easily find their way to your potential customers through your social media profiles and portfolios. Your art is unique and therefore desirable. The only expenses are related to the material or tools you need, costs of delivery and internet related fees. Decide on the price that will cover your investment and bring you sufficient profit.

Scout for art

Having a good eye for art may benefit you more than you originally thought. Finding unique and valuable masterpieces you can resell can lead to a very profitable business. Art dealers are true masters in finding pieces that will sell for a high price. At one point you might even open your own gallery to showcase your findings, as well as provide an opportunity for other artists to get noticed.


Paintings and sculptures are not the only pieces of art worth finding. However, some of them need a little revamping. A few elegant touches on an old car or a piece of furniture may just turn it into a large sum of cash. You will need an enviable set of skills for both, as well as extensive knowledge of what’s actually worth restoring, but all that is well worth the effort. If you play your cards right, you will be making money in no time.

Beauty treatments

Were you always the one doing your friends’ hair and makeup before a big night? And you were the one who enjoyed it most and therefore was their first choice. Maybe you’ve never thought of it as something you would charge for (since you get so much pleasure out of it), but on the other hand, why not turn that passion into a profession. You can always do some things for free out of the goodness of your heart, but you can actually make a living by doing what you adore. If you do decide to go professional, being self-taught is often not enough. Attending a course will allow you to hone your talents to perfection. While there are so many flexible online courses out there that let you study at your own pace, be sure to pick one which provides practical work placement in a beauty salon. This way, you’ll expand your knowledge, get new ideas and find inspiration, as well as gain confidence in your work and become a true expert.


Once people feel beautiful, they’ll want to capture the moment. You can even specialize in photographing people and becoming an expert in wedding, sports or child photography for instance. Of course, these are not your only options. What’s more, now you can sell your art both in print and digital form, thanks to amazing advances in technology. Besides your time and effort, the only investments you’ll have to make involve getting a good camera and mastering the same.

Event planner

An event planner can have so much fun organizing parties such as weddings, fundraisers, birthday parties and the like. You’ll have to think up different themes, decoration ideas, plan for interesting yet tasty food and provide the music to suit the mood. But, it’s not always such a good idea to throw yourself into all aspects of it at once. Try to focus on one area of expertise and expand from there. Build your network and remember – in this business, word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising.


With almost no investment required, you can earn money by becoming an author. Articles and blog posts are not the only things you can do. Even though they too allow for the expression of creativity, you can always write content for greeting cards, recipes, resumes, do some ghostwriting or copywriting. It might come naturally to some, but there’s no reason to think you have to be born with a talent to play with words. There are many useful writing courses you can attend to perfect what writing skills you have. If you prefer saying your thoughts rather than writing, you should consider becoming a podcast author.

These are only some of the ways in which you can profit from your creative personality. With the benefits of technology, it has become easy to earn money from home, doing what you love. Find your passion and turn it into regular income. Truly a dream come true.