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Serviced Apartments Vs Hotels: Which One is Right For You?

Planning a trip is always a lot of fun, no matter the distance you are travelling or the time of the year you are venturing. For a long time, the variability of options only included a budget offering to five-star hotels, with little else on the market. Now that serviced apartments are gaining traction globally, a savvy traveller has the option of hotel or serviced apartment. The tricky part of the equation is that it’s like comparing apples and oranges, with both sides offering their own perks and drawbacks. If you’re on the fence about where you will stay on your next trip, let’s weigh up the alternatives and get some clarity on the way forward.

Firstly, what is available in that location?

It’s all well and good to have a preference, but you should be aware of what hotels and serviced apartments are actually available in that area. Before that is nailed down, you are just daydreaming! If you are heading to Victoria and want to stay in the North, some research will tell you that there are Melbourne serviced apartments from Q Squared that looks ideal for your needs, and the Ritz Carlton might be in an awkward distance from where you wish to spend your time. When you have your location decided, you can weigh up your options and make a relevant assessment.

Decide based on your purpose for travel

Is it business that has your searching for accommodation, or are you celebrating a special occasion? The purpose of your travel is going to have a heavy influence on your decision, so visualise your stay and understand what it will look like and decide what needs to be there. You may want to get familiar with your prospective choices because a five-star hotel might seem like the likely choice for a decadent stay, but you may enjoy more space and modern features from a serviced apartment. If you will be working during your stay, meeting spaces and WiFi might be a priority that makes a business hotel the best option.

Benefits and loyalty

Another factor that drives choice would be the serviced apartments and hotel loyalty programs available with certain groups. These can apply to hotels and serviced apartments, with benefits and points accruing with each stay. If you are a member of one program and have been loyal to date, then you could allow this to guide your choice. That being said, those who blindly follow the hotel chains they are loyal to might find that there is an unsuitable or outdated hotel on the other side of their flight, rendering the points and benefits gained to be redundant.

Assess the amenities and accessibility

Accessibility is the focus of all serviced apartments and hotels, but they aren’t all compliant yet. This might not be relevant to you or your party, but if you are travelling with kids and elderly loved ones – you may want to take a look at the layout and amenities available. How many levels are the hotels and what is the stair and lift situation? Will you require 24-hour room service and a car space, and is there an airport shuttle you can take advantage of? You can’t only compare the price of a hotel room because there are amenity considerations to take into account which can provide priceless convenience.

Hopefully, this hasn’t added more doubt to your decision, because you don’t want to book a room with doubt and risk a bad experience. If you feel like a hotel or serviced apartment website is not quite selling you and you have more questions – give them a call or jump on their socials to see what the guests think and what the rooms and location actually look like.