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Back Pain – Everything You Need to Know

Back pain is an incurable condition most adults start experiencing at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, in many cases there, isn’t a cure, only therapy. There are ways to improve your condition, but they usually include a serious lifestyle change. In any case, there are no shortcuts and the path towards improvement is quite rough. Nevertheless, there is no reason to worry if you’re uninformed about the subject. We’re here to give you some useful information. Even if you don’t actually have it, you may be able to help someone from your friends, family or acquaintance circle and you never know when you’ll need the knowledge. So, let’s see what some key points are.

Sedentary lifestyle

The unfortunate fact of the 21st century is that most people have a sedentary lifestyle which is no surprise due to the expansion of the IT industry and the development of computers in general. Many jobs that used to be done by walking around and reaching out to people have been transformed into desk jobs where all you need is a computer and a working internet connection. Consequently, we end up spending most of our time sitting improperly and hurting our own back. In order to fight this, many people wear special vests and buy chairs that provide the best possible back support. However, nothing can replace being active and regular exercise.

Disc issues

Slipped and bulging discs are quite common and they can often be ignored which can lead to very serious consequences. It all starts with some pain for which we usually blame an uncomfortable bed or a bad night’s sleep. However, if the pain persists, it means it’s symptomatic of something possibly disc-related. Of course, this doesn’t call for immediate surgical actions. It depends on the seriousness and the type of your condition. Although, if it really does get to the point where you need surgery, you need to go to the best experts there are, one of them being the incredible Dr Timothy Steel. Once you’re in good hands, you should rest assured that the surgery will go well and you’ll just need to focus on recovery.

Doing it wrong

If you’re trying to lead a healthy life by watching your weight and going to the gym, it certainly is admirable and you should keep it up. However, if you start experiencing back pain upon starting hitting the gym, the two may be related. Unfortunately, the only thing worse than not exercising is exercising the wrong way. At first, your muscles will be sore, but the pain can continue and you can end up seriously hurting yourself. If the timing of your healthy gym life and your back pain aligns, you’re probably doing it wrong. If this is the case, you need to keep that energy and ask for some help on how to exercise properly. Once you get an instructor or someone to show you how to exercise the right way, your back pain will cease to exist.


Even though we encourage body positivity in many ways, there is a difference between being curvy and being obese. Unfortunately, the latter poses a great risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and spinal injury. A few extra pounds can’t hurt you as long as you are healthy. On the other hand, being overweight affects the spine severely which makes sense when you think about it. The heavier your body, the more difficult it is for your spine to carry it. This is why taking care of your diet, as well as being active in any way will ease your back pain, especially if it’s followed by some weight loss.

All in all, general advice would be to take care of yourself the best you can and hope you’ll stay pain-free. However, if it happens that your back pain starts occurring for no obvious reason, make sure to see a professional and find out the reason. Whatever it may be, you’ll be able to help yourself at least up to a point by doing a specific set of exercises, physical therapy or surgery. There are always options and you need to learn about the best way to help yourself stay healthy.