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What Are The Best Ways To Clean Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters provide safety and protection for the home and commercial premises. To keep them in the best shape, you have to clean them as part of the maintenance process periodically.

Below are some tips to help you provide the best maintenance for your commercial roller shutters.

Cleaning Procedure

The best way to clean your roller shutters is with a mild cleaning agent like soap or light detergent. Mix the cleaning agents with warm water for the best results. Ensure that you use clean water.

Always use a soft cloth to clean. Avoid using any abrasives, harsh chemicals, or scourers, as this could damage the coat on your roller shutters. Use the soft cloth to wipe down the open spaces between the roller shutters guides without putting any excess moisture.

To do this, wring the cloth thoroughly. Make sure the cleaning process is very gentle not to move the wool pile out of place. If necessary, use a dry soft-bristled brush to sweep any dirt that’s lodged between the guides.

Once you are done cleaning in between the shutters, close them and proceed with cleaning the exterior. You can use a soft-bristled brush or cloth. Use a mild cleaning agent and water. Ensure that you change the water from the first stage so that you do not introduce any dirt particles and foreign objects to your slats.

Gently move the brush on the shutters to scrub off the dirt particles. When you’re done, rinse the shutters with water.

Next, wipe down the shutters with a dry cloth. Ensure they are completely dry; if necessary, repeat the process with another dry cloth.

Be careful to avoid misaligning the slats. If you misalign the slats, your roller shutters may not function as they should. Ensure you clean delicately using an up-down pattern. Do not use circular or sideways motions as you could cause the slats to misalign.

Important Shutter Cleaning Tips

When to Clean

It’s essential to clean your roller shutters 2 to 3 times per year. Regardless of whether they look clean or not. That’s because dust particles and other residues can accumulate inside the shutters, causing a malfunction in the bearings. In extreme weather conditions, for example, excess wind or in the event of a bushfire, you may need to increase the frequency.

Avoid Excess Moisture

Ensure that the shutters are completely shut before you pour any water on them. If water enters the mechanical system, it could be entirely damaged. Ensure you double-check that they are shut tight before you start the second stage of the cleaning process. When wiping down in between the gaps, do not put a lot of water – your cloth should be just barely damp but not wet.

Avoid Sticky Lubricants

Do not use silicon-based products as they easily attract dirt and dust. If you need to balance your roller shutters, use anti-static lubricant sprays properly. Apply the lubricant using spray nozzles at the top of every track and between the guides. This should be done once or twice a year to ensure your roller shutters are working properly and remain strong.

To Sum It Up

Roller shutters are all beneficial for the security and safety of your home or business. While they require very little maintenance, cleaning them regularly will contribute to their longevity. It’s crucial to ensure that you keep to the cleaning procedures, so you don’t damage your roller shutters.

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