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How to Make Your Burger Taste Even Better

Tastes vary from person to person. But some foods have globally got the reputation of being tasty. Undoubtedly, burgers are amongst them.

Types of Burger 

There are two types of burger, great cooks say:

The Short Stack

This is the type that most of the people around the world choose for their everyday snack or food.

It has got the following characteristics:

  • The patty is thin and it is generally cooked on a griddle.
  • The bun, basically the main part of a burger is soft, malleable, and has a subtle sweetness. And it has to be like that. Everything that you put inside your bun must blend to make a single and tasty burger.
  • The filling is quite thin and yet tasty. 

The High Tower

The more the better is the high tower burger. The chunky meat and some more stacks and layers (pile ‘em high) make it more of a show than appetizing food.

How to Make the Burger More Tasty

There is no such thing as a perfect burger. There can’t be either. And no one could possibly prepare any ‘recipe’ for the best burger. It entirely depends on your personal preferences.

Some tastes are, however, acclaimed globally and we certainly understand which one is a more or less tasty burger. If you read the review, you will realize the secret of taste in detail.

From us here are the step by step tips and tricks.

The meat

The first and the most important is that the meat should be of great quality. It doesn’t depend only on how you grind it but also where you choose your meat from. For beef, most of the expert chefs prefer the upper portion of the forelegs to the fibrous hinder part.

The ratio of meat and fat is another important issue. Tastiest patties are generally 80% meat and 20% fat. Less than 20% of fat is likely to make a dry burger.

To make the patties even more soft and moist you could add a little bit of olive oil to the ground meat.

[Health Tip: It is very important to know that you must not defrost your meat kept in the freezer by letting it set out on the counter and warm up at the normal temperature. That process is likely to allow some stealthy bacteria to grow. Instead, you should put it in the refrigerator or run it under cold water in the sink.]

The Patties

To make the burger patties, you need to put the meatballs in between your palms and shape into a patty,— handling it less and not melting the fat.

While forming the patties create a divot in the center of the patties or the meat will retract and create a dome shape or more of a meatball shape on your grill.


For seasoning, generally, salt and pepper are used. Some people like to add ground cumin to get a ‘meatier’ tasting burger. Just a pinch though, too much and you get an Indian takeout tasting burger.

Don’t season too far in advance. The salt will pull out the moisture and the inner side is left dry especially after you grill it. Surely you don’t want to do it. Use a ‘generous amount’ of salt and pepper.

Now turn it over and season the other side.


Get your grill over medium-high heat, this will be direct heat. If you are doing this outside on your gas or charcoal grill you do want the grill to be hot.

Brush a little bit of sunflower oil or any natural oil. Make sure you oil all the grates well or your burger could get stuck to the grill and you may have some bad time struggling to set it free.

Place your burger flat side down on the grill. For a six-ounce burger, 3 minutes is enough for one side to be well grilled. For a bigger (8 ounce) burger you might need to cook a little longer— between 4 and 5 minutes. For a general medium-rare burger three minutes per side is what you are looking for.

After three minutes your burger should shrink a little bit and that’s the sign that you are doing well.

Flip only once and don’t press it. If you press it, the moisture is pushed off the burger which results in a dry pattie. Continue to cook for another three minutes. Obviously getting the perfect grill for this is essential, you can read review on different grills online to choose the right one for you.

Adding Cheese

After you flip them and the flat side is up it’s the perfect time to put the thinly sliced cheddar on them. Most people choose only one slice of cheese but you can use two as well. You are your boss, right?

Now cover all of them with a lid. The cheese will melt and the burger will continue to cook at the same time. 

Remove your burger to a platter or a rimmed baking sheet and let them rest a little bit. Meanwhile, toast the bun. It shouldn’t take more than thirty seconds to toast it. 


Get whatever you need for the toppings. 

Put the patty on the bottom part of the bun.

Add a slice of tomato. You can add more if you like,  while some people say it will ruin the burger. Here again, it’s your choice. We suggest only one. 

Now, two leaves of lettuce. You might want to put the lettuce under the patty as well as on top of the patty so as not to get it soggy.

Essentially a good amount of mayo at the top of the patty makes it super tasty.

Securing the Bun

Well, it doesn’t have anything to do with the making of the burger but it surely is about the taste. With a burger this big you might need to secure it with a wooden skewer.

There are hundreds of them— lots of tips and tricks. And it’s hard to tell which ones are really helpful. So we have tried to round up some of the most essential ones and leave out those people generally know and should be aware of.

Have a nice summertime with lots of tasty burgers!