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5 Signs You Need a Water Heater Repair Service

There are a few things you don’t really pay much attention to until you need them and they’re gone – like hot water in your home. The good news is, most water heaters give you signs they’re going out before you’re suddenly standing in a cold shower one day.

The bad news is most people don’t know what signs to watch for!

If any of these five things are happening in your home, it might be time to call a water heater repair service to assess the health of your water heater and avoid a cold surprise down the road.

1. Fluctuating Water Temperatures

If you turn on the tap and there’s no hot water at all, it’s an obvious “call the local repair service” moment. But if your hot water temperature fluctuates on a normal basis, it’s a similarly clear sign that something is up with your heater.
Water that gets warmer and colder as it runs could signal a problem with the heating element and mean it’s on the way to completely going out.

2. Low Hot Water Pressure

A badly designed plumbing system, mineral deposits, and kinked lines can all be the culprit for low water pressure, among other issues. A few of these, like mineral buildup, can directly impact your water heater and cause issues with the heating element. If your water pressure has suddenly dropped off, it’s time to figure out why.

3. Leaks

This one seems like a no-brainer, but because water heaters are generally stored out of the way, most people don’t notice a leak until it’s a big one. Remembering to check your water heater once a month can help you identify small leaks early and call a professional in before it turns into a huge issue.

4. Water That Smells or Tastes Bad

If your water suddenly tastes or smells bad, it likely means corrosion somewhere along your pipes. If the smell or taste only accompanies hot water, however, it means the corrosion is inside your water heater.

Since corrosion can kill your hot water heater, you should get it looked at right away to avoid having to replace the whole unit. Often, a little maintenance can correct small issues and save you money down the road.

5. Odd Sounds Coming From Your Heater

Your water heater will make usual noises while running – after all, it’s a major appliance that is regularly used. But if you hear cracking, popping, or loud banging sounds coming from your water heater, it’s time to get it checked out. The worst-case scenario is an overheating situation or a problem with the gas line, which can both cause fires.

Time to Call a Water Heater Repair Service?

So is it time to call a water heater repair service? If you’ve experienced any of the above signs in your home, the answer is yes. After all, a small problem today could turn into a huge problem tomorrow if not properly handled.

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