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How Do You Know That You Need a Root Canal?

Root canal tends to have a reputation of being the worst tooth problem you may experience; however, with the advancement in dental treatment, root canals are not as painful as they are touted. Although no one wants to hear that they have to get a root canal, unfortunately, the issues that contribute to the root canal will not go away on their own. That means in order to alleviate the pain and infection, you will need to have the dental procedure. It is crucial that you know what a root canal is, its causes, and the best steps you can take to relieve your tooth pain and restore your natural tooth. At SEDA Dental, you can meet a specialized endodontist and a Boca Raton periodontist to help treat your teeth problems and save your teeth.

So, what is a root canal?

When we talk of a root canal treatment, it is a procedure that helps repair and save a damaged tooth. This procedure is performed after the blood vessels, the pulp, and the nerves in your tooth are infected and damaged. Receiving a root canal helps prevent pain and restore your natural tooth.

Root canal pain – not as bad as perceived

The reason many people will avoid receiving a root canal is that they are scared of the pain. Often, the pain people experience when having a root canal is due to the infected tooth. So, the procedure itself is considered painless. Procedures for root canals have improved over time, and today, receiving this treatment is not painful – it is like a filling. If there is pain, it usually peaks about 12 to 24 hours following the procedure. After your root canal treatment, ensure you keep your head elevated while sleeping, especially for the first few nights. You may take pain medication recommended by your dentist. 

Signs and symptoms of root canal need

To know if you may need a root canal treatment, you may want to look out for severe tooth pain symptoms while chewing. You may have pain when you apply pressure on the teeth. Additionally, you could have a recurring or persistent yellow, red, or white pimple on the gums. If there is darkening or discoloration of your tooth, you could need root canal treatment. A patient may also experience swelling and tenderness around or in nearby gums.

How do you know you need root canal treatment?

Because the symptoms are not always present, you should consider seeing your dentist regularly. Your dentist can identify symptoms associated with a root canal. The dentist will locate the decay of your tooth using an X-ray. If you fail to get treatment, the tissue surrounding your teeth, including the gums, can be infected and an abscess may form.

Sometimes a root canal procedure can be done in one visit, but others may take a couple of visits to complete. The specialist at SEDA Dental will offer you various dental treatment procedures including reconstructive dental surgeries, to restore your smile.

An endodontist is a dental professional who specializes in root canal procedures. SEDA Dental strives to see that you’re comfortable and take care of your damaged teeth so that you are back to your life within a short time. Do not be afraid of root canal procedures; schedule an appointment with your dentist to learn more about oral care.

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