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Study Room

Tips to Decorate Your Study Room Smartly

A study room needs to be relaxing and a quiet space which does not resemble any traditional office space. The study room at home can be used both as a working space or a learning space. If you have plans for designing your study room or redecorating it, make sure you follow the following tips to keep this space the most productive in your home.

Plan Ahead to Keep it Clutter-Free:

clutter free
You cannot be the most productive version of yourself if you work in a messy space. Make sure while designing the room that you have space to store everything you plan on storing in the room. You need to get a blueprint of the design made first and include as many storage spaces as required to keep the room clutter-free.

Save Space:

Save Space
The study room needs to look spacious hence do not include too many pieces of furniture. Instead of buying the furniture, construct a table by adding a ledge against the wall and include drawers and cabinets along with it on the wall. This way, you will save a lot of space by getting customization as per the room size.

Keep Essential Supplies Near Work Desk:

Essential Supplies Near Work Desk
Keep all the items you may need near your workspace so that you do not waste time and get distracted running from one end to another of the room.

Keep the Room well Lit and Bright Colored:

Keep the Room well Lit and Bright Colored
It is a great idea to place the study table next to a window so that fresh air and natural light will keep you focussed and alert. Also, get the room painted in light color shades with an accent of your favourite colors that pop. Add a few plants to make the room look livelier. You can add wall paintings and motivational posters if you feel like it. The room needs to reflect your taste and personality. Also, do not forget to add sufficient light bulbs over your study desk and do get a study lamp as well.

Updated Technology:

Updated Technology
We just cannot avoid the use of internet nowadays, be it for finishing an assignment for your work or for online tuitions and learning purposes. Most of the homes have one internet connection which is used across the entire house using a wireless connection. Make sure the location of the modem is such that you get the best internet range in your study room. Also, if you are redecorating the study, it is a good practice to update your laptop to the latest version. Another important design requirement is to provide enough power points next to the study table and an arrangement to hide the cables to maintain the aesthetic appeal.

Add Comfortable Seats in your Study Room:

Add Comfortable Seats in your Study Room
You may need to work many hours at a stretch. It is important to get the most comfortable chair possible in your study room. Also, if you have space in the room, it might be a good idea to add a small comfortable couch as well. This way, you can change your workplace if you get tired of sitting in one place.

You may decorate the room as per your style, taste, and budget but make sure that you also add leisure items in the room for your in-between breaks as all work and no play will block theproductive juices from flowing.