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What Includes At The End Of Lease & Bond Cleaning Canterbury?

Moving out from leased property can come with a headache. From packing the belongings to cleaning the property before the end of the lease period you need to manage everything. If the windows and walls are dirty then you will not get back a hundred per cent bond money. This means you need to return the property in the best condition to get the security deposit back from your owner. So it is better to hire a company like Clean Australia Service that provides professional end of lease & bond cleaning Canterbury. Such companies have the latest cleaning tools and follow the thorough end of lease cleaning checklist to provide 100% customer satisfaction. Before hiring any end of lease cleaning services it is important to know its true meaning and what is included in the services. 

What Is The End Of Lease Cleaning?

According to the end of the lease agreement, a tenant has to return the house in a maintained and clean condition before his lease is over. This is called the end of lease cleaning. It is a detailed and thorough cleaning of the rented property. It is more than the regular cleaning because if your property manager finds any stains during the inspection, he will not return a hundred per cent rental bond amount. That is the reason why it is better to leave the cleaning in the hands of the professionals. They know how to get rid of the stains and clean the property using a thorough end of lease cleaning checklist. There are some inclusions with professional bond cleaning services. You should know them before hiring any such company. 


A lot of companies claim to include the below-mentioned services in thorough bond cleaning to match the property conditions. 

General Cleaning

  • Cleaning small nests, cobwebs and insect marks from the walls.
  • Cleaning filters, exhaust fans, ceiling fans and air conditioners.
  • Spot clean light switches, walls and light fittings.
  • Removing stains from doors and skirting boards.
  • Thorough cleaning of the windows
  • Cleaning drawers and cupboards
  • Removing grease from tracks of sliding doors
  • Vacuum cleaning carpets and floors
  • Mopping hard floors
  • Cleaning the dirty kitchen area, getting rid of stubborn stains around the rings and knobs and the stovetop.
  • Sanitize sync and clean the drain holes thoroughly
  • Cleaning inside, outside and behind the microwave, dishwasher space and the refrigerator.
  • Purging dust from exhaust fan filters and removing grease and grime from Barbecue, glass, trays and doors.
  • Cleaning the bathroom area, disinfecting tap, washbasin, bathtub, shower, toilet seat.
  • Cleaning the drawers and cupboards and the exhaust fan.
  • Removing the built-up soap residue from the glasses and the sidewalls of the bathroom
  • Cleaning towel rails, floors, Mirrors and the window tracks.
  • Cleaning the laundry area
  • Cleaning the Patios and the garage. 


A deep and thorough end of lease cleaning includes all the items and the areas that are crucial to help you get back 100% bond money. Make sure you hire a reputed company that offers you the best and thorough bond cleaning using best quality cleaning products.