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Patio Color Schemes to Spice Up Your Outdoor Space

Summer has arrived, and with it, so have new patio design trends you’re sure to want to implement. One of the essential building blocks of patio design is deciding on a uniform color scheme. It might seem odd to assign a color scheme to your patio, but exterior design often takes the same approach as interior design.

Creating a stylish, integrated space often starts with one central element that ties it all together, like a theme or a color scheme. A color scheme can be implemented based on the furniture, accessories, appliances, outdoor cabinets, and even plants you choose for your patio.

Since 2019 is the year of experimentation, you might want to consider some of these color schemes for your patio – a few of which you may not have considered before.

Beautiful black

Minimalistic, sleek, and ultra-modern, black furniture is a great way to bring a contemporary touch to your patio area. The best part about black furniture is it’s significantly less maintenance, since it doesn’t show dirt as easily. This might make it a great idea for families with small children.

You don’t have to go straight black, however. Charcoal and espresso tones are equally appealing. You can also deal with dark woods, like cherry and mahogany to tie the look together. Accent the black patio look with some greenery or pops of white to break up the monotony at

White & airy

White continues to be an all-time favorite, but it can be difficult to maintain – especially if you live in an area with turbulent weather. Seafoam and light gray hues pair well with bright whites. An all-white aesthetic will give your patio a very clean and luxurious appearance.

White goes well with natural materials, like light wood, bamboo, or wicker accents. Give your all-white patio space a sense of texture by introducing patterned cushions, throws, or pillows to some of your outdoor furniture.

Woodsy earth tones

Nothing spells “great outdoors” like a rustic, woodsy patio refined to look like a treehouse. Adorning your patio with wood accents lends it a sense of versatility. Wood can be easily dressed up or down. Line it with string lights to add to that rich, warm look and feel.

If you do opt for a wood-rich patio theme, highlight it with earth toned cushions, throw pillows, and rugs. Some earth tones that go well with a wood-heavy look include terracotta, honey yellow, and forest green. You’ll really feel in touch with nature when your patio resembles this very rural motif.

Nice & neutral

Neutral tones lend to a very chic and low-key theme that encourages relaxation and serenity. It may sound odd, but it is possible to overdo it with neutral tones, so this is a theme you should only opt for if you have a smaller patio space. In a quaint, cozy patio, neutrals work their best.

Beige, off-white, chocolate, and other warm-hued materials will fare well in this kind of patio space. Neutral wood tones like oak and pine also blend in nicely. Feel free to introduce some metallic accents into the neutral-toned patio space for a bit of balance between warm and cool.

Crazy with color

Or, you could just go completely off-the-rails with your color scheme. There is a way to go color-crazy that is sophisticated and stylish, and a way to go color-crazy that is a little too eclectic, so make sure to find the balance.

If you want a colorful, upbeat patio space, make sure to at least start with a neutral base. This means furnishings that are not too spectacular, maybe some made out of wicker. Bring the color in where accessories are considered. This means cushions, throw pillows, and maybe even an area rug.

Don’t just go for multi-colored though, this looks too effortless. Mix up textures and patterns:

sequins, fur, geometric shapes, and stripes. With this aesthetic, there won’t be one boring corner on your entire patio.