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Car Maintenance Tips That Your Mechanic Wants You to Know

When it comes to car maintenance, the first thing that you need to understand is that it requires more than a visit to the local garage once a month. Car maintenance is akin to taking care of your health. You still need to do a fair amount of grunt work to ensure that all the parts are working smoothly and seamlessly. Here’s a basic maintenance checklist, straight from the expert mechanics, that you may want to refer to –

  • Top the fluids: One of the easiest tips to ensure that your car continues to function fine is to top off the required fluids (coolant, power steering fluids, motor oil). You can check through your owner’s manual on how to top the relevant fluids and find out more about the optima fluid levels. The fluids are essential to your car continuing to function well. Without it, you may face a whole range of issues and even have your car break down completely. It is advisable to search online for mobile mechanics in Sydney, and consult a local mechanic as well.
  • Check out the warning lights: You need to check the warning lights; your car would come with sensors and warning lights that flash on when it senses that something’s wrong. These warning lights often indicate a range of issues from how you have left the hood open to the gas cap not being replaced. You need to check out the various warning lights, understand what they stand for and when the light flashes on – you can take the required action right away.
  • Check your tires: Your car tires must have the right amount of pressure. If the tires lack adequate pressure, then this can lead to premature wear and tear. It can even lead to complete blowouts. The other reason that you may want to check your car tires is to see if the treads are still visible and that they have not completely worn down. If that is the case, then it is high time that you opted for new tires for tires without delineated and well-defined treads will lead to accidents. For more tips and suggestions on car tires, search online for “mobile mechanics Sydney”.
  • Feel your car: While that may sound a bit doozy, you may want to pay attention as to how your car feels and sounds when you turn on the ignition key. You should be able to understand how your car ‘feels’ under normal circumstances. And if you sense a shudder out of place, as you start it, then that could well indicate that something could be wrong with the vehicle.
  • Check the lights: You would need to check the lighting in your car once a month. If you have just purchased your car, then chances are that it will feature day time running lights. You need to check your lights, find out if the bulbs are working and if not, then get them replaced.
  • Check the body: You also need to inspect the body of your vehicle regularly. You need to check for bumps and any signs of damage to the exterior of your car. You may also want to check the wipers and find out if they continue to function as designed. And if there is some damage to the body, then you would be well advised to take your car to the garage and get the same attended to at the earliest.
  • Clean it regularly: one of the best ways to maintain your car in pristine condition is to clean and wax it regularly. You can take your vehicle to the local car wash once in two weeks or handle it yourself.

These are some of the essential car maintenance tips that you would want to check out. Just remember that if your car indicates that something‘s wrong with warning lights, then you may want to take it to the local garage and get it looked over at the earliest.