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How to Make Your Exercises Effective

You may be going to the gym every day and watching what you eat, but you still won’t achieve your desired fitness goals. While some issues can only be addressed by professionals, there are changes you can make to help you move past this obstacle.

Here are some few ways you can switch up your style to create more positive results.

Have a workout routine

Without a plan, your exercise may prove to be a waste of time. You may end up getting results that are opposite of what you expected.

Steps to create a perfect workout plan

Write down your plans

Create a workout plan pointing out the exercise, time, training goals and what you need to achieve. With a clear purpose, you can keep track of your plans and follow through

Without commitment, you’ll be stuck between wanting to be fit and not doing anything about it. Find something that motivates you and use it to take action towards a healthy habit. Make sure you are always on schedule. Consistency is the key to achieving your workout goals.

Follow up

Check on your progress regularly to make sure your workout routine is useful. Performing the same routine may lose its effectiveness over time. You can track your workout routine by keeping a journal and increasing the intensity of your routine. To increase the intensity, add more weights, set and reps regularly or when your body has adapted to the current routine.

Create a good meal plan

Your exercise results are directly affected by your meal plans and the type of food you eat. A proper meal plan motivates your exercise routine and their results.

What you eat before and after exercise can have an effect on your results. Before exercise, you should fuel up your body with carbohydrates and natural fats. Drink a banana- avocado smoothie before heading to the gym. Carbohydrates provide your body with the energy you will need during your routine. The energy is used by your body to break down fat tissues. Natural fats help you to maintain your blood sugar during the exercise.During your exercise, keep your body energized and hydrated using water and natural juice.

After a workout, you should replenish your body with foods that will provide you with macronutrients. You’ll need carbohydrates to give you energy and protein for muscle strength. Make a quick smoothie with bananas and Acai berry powder. Acai berry powder is a rich, natural protein source that will provide you with the strength needed to replenish you post-workout body.

Choose your ideal time for exercise

The notion that exercise works best depending on the time of day is a myth. Time does not affect your exercise results, but it affects your motivation and how you feel about going to the gym. Some people are morning persons, psyched to get an early start at the gym; some feel like they are more motivated during mid-day, and others only have spare time in the evening. If you have a problem with committing to your routine, choose to work out in the morning.

When you work out for a few days, your body clock adopts to this routine and acts as a guide by responding the same way every morning. Evening exercises can affect your sleeping habits. If you work out too close to your sleeping time, you may develop insomnia. Exercising increases your body temperature and heart rate which may make you feel irritable and uncomfortable. Choose a time of day that you feel motivated so that you can follow through with your exercise routine.

Choose the right type of physical activity

They type of exercise you do will affect your results. Different physical activities are more intense than others. The more intense the training, the more calories you burn and the more muscles you build.

Stretching exercises

Stretching is an excellent warm-up activity. Moving around while doing different stretches raises your body temperature and increases your heart rate. Stretching helps you improve your motion range and warms up your body and muscles for activity.Over time, stretching makes your muscles longer and increases your flexibility.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are swimming, jogging, cycling and dancing among others. This type of exercise speeds up your heart rate and breathing. They are excellent for blood circulation and strengthening the muscles around your heart and your lungs. They also help in lowering blood pressure, low blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and improve indigestion. Doing cardio exercises for too long may reduce your muscle mass and reduce metabolism which may make it hard for you to burn calories or lose weight.

Strength training

Strength training helps you gain back the muscles you loose from aerobics. Regular strength training stimulates bone and muscle growth and increases your metabolic rate. You can use free weights during exercise to create a wider range of muscles movement. The most common strength training exercises are lifting while doing squats, lunges, and pushups. You should combine aerobics and strength training exercise to increase the intensity of your work out.

Allow time for recovery

Maximize the time you spend at the gym by minimizing resting intervals between your exercises. Minimizing rest will increase the intensity and efficiency of your workout. Don’t feel pressured; the resting time depends on the intensity of the training. You should take enough time to gain strength for your next set of exercises

Alcohol can affect your fitness routine

Alcohol has adverse effects on fitness. It affects your balance, coordination and reaction time that you require during fitness activity. Too much alcohol leads to increased loss of body fluids and dehydration. Alcohol also increases the production of lactic acid which can cause fatigue and laziness during exercise.Like junk food, alcohol contains empty calories. It can cause weight gain when taken in excess. Alcohol also weakens your body’s ability to digest and synthesize proteins which is essential for muscle regeneration and growth. Limit your drinking rate to avoid loss of muscle strength and nutrient deficiency.


When you join the gym, don’t feel pressured by the progress others have made. Set your own pace, always start with simple routines and work your way up. Patience and determination are the keys to achieving your ideal weight.