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Witch Costumes – How to Look like an Evil Witch for Halloween

Thinking of dressing up like an evil witch this Halloween? You can achieve this with creative witch costumes. But first, you need to decide on the type of witch you want to mimic – the evil witch who seems capable of making people disappear and reappear, or the witch that curdles milk? Get started with the tips right here.

Gather the Accessories You Need

While gathering your items, you should bear in mind that dressing like a witch does not really require your items to be in perfect condition. This is especially true if you want to look like a decrepit, poorly kept witch. Some of the items include black dress, old boots, old broom and artificial claws.

Start by Putting on Your Dress

You can actually draw inspiration from decade clothing when it comes to your witch dress – e.g. 1920s clothing. If you prefer to look like a cute witch that achieves her evil deeds by stunning people, you can go for a modern and elegant evening dress from online costume stores. In addition, you should consider a dress that features the puritanical as depicted in the Salem Witch Trials.

Put on Your Stockings

For full length witch costumes, you should wear stockings underneath. Wear boots to complement your witchy look. You should go for black stockings.

Do Something Crazy with Your Hair

Crazy with Your Hair
Put on a black long wig. Alternatively, you can go for a bald wig to look scarier. Keep the hair haggard, as though you’ve been riding on your broom stick all day long.

Wear a Cloak or Cape

Cloak or Cape
Wear a cloak or cape. You will find evil-looking cape at online costume stores. If not, you can improvise one with a throw, blanket or shawl. The cape is an essential part of dressing up like a witch.
Finally, to make your witch costume complete, you should wear your witch hat.