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LED Signs – How to Select the Best Size for Your Location

The LED signs are the representatives of advertisements and the business names, then again their imaging and size matter to attract the relatable audience. So, the management of the images and its quality is another thing to consider most important.

Let’s pay attention towards the most important usage of LED sign display; i.e. on the highway roads and bridges where directions are essentially crucial. Here we need the right amount of light and the resolution that can be seen from a far distance making sure to guide the drivers and passerby.

The image quality, brightness, and size is a really important fact while working with LED signs, especially for the roads and bridges.

Here are some important facts on LED Sign- how to select the best size for your location;

The Right One

The selection for the right sign is considered upon its use, check whether the right sign is able to reflect from a long distance? The right one can always come in mind when you look for the purpose of the sign, then the choice will no longer become difficult.

Whether the image is clear and sleek to identify the sign or logo with an obstacle? These two motives are really necessary while looking for the best LED sign size.


Another point to put in your mind is the LED resolution, why the resolution is important and how does it work with the display?

The content quality and the imaging size is the basics of resolution display while the covering distance with perfect pixel is another deal.

Choosing the right Size

Before going for sizes, pitch pixel is a phenomenon to understand, the pitch is directly proportional to the resolution. The best way is to estimate the distance first then create a pitch field to understand the resolution and the size.

First of all the size only matters with two aspects; first speed and second the traffic distance. For the speed, we need to understand that the car or moving object would able to see the image if the resolution and pixel of the image are standard. Moreover, in this case, one needs to make the display even broader and larger.

And the other calculations for sizing are the division of the final dimension with the LED display size.

The crucial points should stay in mind regarding size and quality, yet compromising with these will cause more hazards. The resolution and displays are very important then again we accept the fact that this investment returns back with bright colors. Multiple trials and testing of these LED signs is another good idea to work with confidence in the future.

So in order to make the right choice one must need to understand the matters of the pixel, standard brightness, distance, location, and matrix. And then in this way, one would be able to take the right decision before buying LED signs while noticing efficiency and use.