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5 Things That Made Your Home a House of Heaven

Home is a place where we feel relax and happy. In the world every creature must have a home. Where he takes rest in the night or may in the day. There is a best famous proverb,

“East or west home is the best”

House may be a place of Heaven or may be a place of hell, it depend upon the techniques which are used during its construction. Now-a-days the construction of houses develops a great modern techniques and robot machineries if you want to check visit: When we purchase or construct a house some things are important which must be kept in mind?

Select a Correct Place:

When you are ready to purchase/ construct a house it is much important to select a place where there are all needs of peaceful life available. Like fresh air, no noise, no pollution. For this entire thing a place is best out of city where no problem of noise and construction work problems are.

Size of house:

When a good place of home is selected, now need is that what will be size of house? Size may be small, medium or large. But size of house must be considered according to your family needs. How many members are there in family? If you select the size according to member it will be cause of comfort for you. Otherwise, like you select a very small house and members are many so you many disturb by one another.


Selection of house also requires the lifestyle of owner. Different areas have different lifestyles. If we select a house according to our lifestyle it will be familiar for us otherwise we will feel upset in this house.


The very important thing as well as other is outdoors. It is main point that must be kept in mind while a house is selected. Outdoor must be select according to the weather of area, east and west. If you considered these point main, there will be always moderate temperature in the house, which will cause of comfort.


The back bone of the house is kitchen. Every house must have a kitchen. Kitchen structure, its outdoor and its main requirement are must be remembered. Its heat outdoor must be kept outside. Structure must insuch a way that fulfills all the need of kitchen like shelves, boxes and stove.