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4 Facts You Need To Know About CBD Oil For Horses

Horses are majestic creatures that need some extra care to be able to make them shine. You might be thinking horses can live off of nature in the wild, but horses in your care are different, and the moment you took them in under your wing, you’ve made a silent promise to give them only the best care. A blog site stated that taking care of these animals is a task that doesn’t stop with necessities. Caring for horses goes beyond sheltering them and giving them adequate food, it stems to their health too.

Over the years, researchers of Cannabidiol have been in full pursuit to uncover its ultimate potential, from discovering its anti-anxiety properties, to its practicality with animals. Some people (who aren’t the researchers) have been claiming CBD is a miracle drug or a dupe, but it is neither. It is a highly potent alternative treatment for both humans and animals that are suffering from ailments.

Fact #1: They Don’t Get High From Cannabidiol

Despite originating from the genus cannabis, CBD extracted from the hemp plant and made into such products does not make you nor your horses or pets psychoactive. This is because Cannabidiol is not the compound that brings about the high. It is its sister compound, one of equal abundance in cannabis as well, Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

THC is often found in medicinal marijuana but seldom is Cannabidiol oil made for horses. Such products are offered for example by holistapet horses that are 100% organic and all-natural made, without artificial flavors, coloring, and preservatives. Adding such will cause your horses to develop chronic illnesses, like liver and kidney problems, unexplained sickness, and even sudden death.

Some products have a very small amount of THC, often 0.1%, to trigger the entourage effect. This phenomenon occurs when the whole cannabis plant is used together to create a synergistic and beneficial effect on the horse, but it is not concentrated enough due to its amount to cause psychoactive effects.

Fact #2: Horses Have An ECS Too

ECS is defined as the Endocannabinoid System. You might have known you had one, but did you also know horses, and all other mammals from the animal kingdom, have this too? This is the main reason why Cannabidiol is metabolized and causing an effect in your pet’s system. ECS helps phytocannabinoids that enter the system stimulate your receptors for those desired analgesic and anti-anxiety effects.

When the nervous system receptors are interacted with, it releases serotonin which oftentimes calms your pet down and gives them a more cheery disposition. It can also stimulate the area where hunger is controlled or interact with sleep receptors to give your pets undisturbed rest.

On the other hand, the peripheral system manages to ease aches and pains. Horses oftentimes suffer from inflammatory diseases like arthritis and joint pains. Cannabidiol is also shown to give pain relief from laminitis.

Fact #3: CBD Has No Adverse Effect

It is a known fact that using Cannabidiol will cause your horses no known dangerous repercussions in using this product. As such, it is also noteworthy to add that CBD does not cause any adverse signs and symptoms. Seldom, there are side-effects, like drowsiness and fatigue, but always within the boundary of mild.

It is also important to mention carrier oils. MCT oil is a cheaper alternative, but watch out with this one as it may cause gastric upset with your horses. This blog: https://foodandnutrition.org/january-february-2016/mct-oil-miracle-supplement-just-another-fad/ reinforces that fact. The same can be said with grapeseed oil.

The recommended carrier oil is hemp seed oil. Not only does it boost the immune system, but is actually a great catalyst to trigger the entourage effect, causing your product to have higher efficiency.

Fact #4: Cannabidiol, More Than Just Treatment

A few see CBD as a product rich in minerals, or as a great way to keep your horses’ mane shiny and healthy. Cannabidiol has many great benefits and does not need to be used when your horse is sick. It can also be a good long-term investment as a way to prevent them from it. If you have an extra dollar in your pocket, it is highly suggested to use CBD oil for their long-term use.

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