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Who is The Best Contractor for Cabinet Refacing St. Louis ?

Refacing and resurfacing are both similar as they involve a process in which the old cabinets’ doors and drawers are replaced with the new ones and the cabinets’ frames are attached to the veneers. It is a method of changing the look of your kitchen and an alternate to remodeling with reduced costs. If you are tired of looking at your old messy kitchen cabinets go in for cabinet refacing using your old cabinet boxes. For latest Cabinet Refacing St. Louis hires Fresh Faced Cabinets Contractors to transform your old cabinets to any wood or colour with a new dazzling look. You can facelift your cabinets with new doors and drawer faces using standard solid wood, new hinges, handles and many a times the countertops.

Benefits of Refacing : Refacing involves many options from a standard solid wood( laminate) to decorative glass look. To add a design to the wall cabinets refacing is used to give a whole new look to your kitchen. This new look and style saves a lot of time and cost. Refacing has many benefits that makes it the best.

  1. Minimum Inconvenience: The refacing process takes 1 or 2 days to finish. It takes less time because only the cabinets are to be reframed. Hence you can have your kitchen in a good working order. Since the cutting is done outdoors there are less chances of mess with less dust and minimum inconvenience.
  2. Saves Money: Refacing is cheaper than replacing your cabinets. If your cabinets are in a good condition and shape, you don’t need to replace them, a simple refacing project including new doors, drawers, paint and colour will give your kitchen a new look, saving a lot of money.
  3. Wide Range of Choices: Refacing offers you a wide range of materials and colours to suit your taste. You can find a style of your choice from the old elegant to the latest updated designs. To create the perfect look for your house you can choose stain or paints you love. To help design your cabinets different stain colours and real wood veneers like oak, maple, cherry, walnut and birch are available.
  4. Increases the Resale value: Invest wisely into refacing the project , as it adds a lot to the resale value of your house. Many homeowners become over ambitious and spend more on a full kitchen remodeling. An upgraded kitchen attracts potential buyers, therefore instead of remodeling opt refacing in order to recoup a good percentage when you plan to sell your house.

Conclusion: Refacing your cabinets not only adds to the value of your house but it gives a new look at an affordable price. The new doors and drawers are made with perfection and the old ones are removed. Refacing is a pleasing way to attract customers when it’s time to sell your house. If you are hunting for contractors involved in kitchen cabinet refacing ,choose one of the best who specializes in high quality refacing services using the best products. Look for the contractors who deliver personal services and emphasize on customer satisfaction.