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Tips For Attending Your First Football Game

Football is a very popular and engaging sport to play and watch, so it makes sense that you’re interested in attending a live game. If this is your first ever experience going to a match, then there are a few tips you should know and take into consideration ahead of time.

This way you can have a more enjoyable experience overall and return home feeling pleased with having spent your money on going to a game. Keep in mind how great it’ll be to finally get to see some of your favourite players out on the field instead of just on your television screen.

Pick A Team to Watch & Stadium to Visit

It’s important that you pick a team to watch who you like and want to see play. This will make your experience that much more exciting and enjoyable. In addition, select a stadium that you’ve wanted to visit and see in person. There are many different locations out there, and options, so do a little research at 90min before you decide.

Bring Your Phone & Money

You’ll have a much better game day experience at your football match when you bring along your phone and money. Not only will you want to be taking pictures, but you can also gamble and play casino games by visiting Unibet during the breaks and at halftime. In addition, bring along plenty of cash to spend on concessions and food and drinks that you may want to purchase while you’re there.

Show Your Support

Another tip and way to have more fun attending your first football game is to dress the part. Check out a list of teams at BBC so you can learn more about each of them before selecting a game. Come prepared to show your support by wearing your team’s jersey and colours. This way, you’ll feel more like part of all the action and will fit right in with the other fans who are also cheering for your team of choice. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the experience fully and to feel like you’re more involved in the game and surrounding activities and festivities.

Go with People Who Enjoy the Sport

You’ll have a much more enjoyable time at your first football game when you choose to go with people who like the sport as much as you do. Games can be long, and if you’re with someone who doesn’t enjoy watching this sport, then you risk not having a good time and having to leave early. Be picky about who you invite to attend with you and make sure you bring individuals who are going to cheer loudly and actually enjoy themselves.


These are a few ways for how you can have more fun attending your first ever football game. Choose a match that’s going to be interesting to you and a stadium that will impress you. It’s a great way to spend your free time, and you’ll likely leave feeling very satisfied and content after having gone through this experience.