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The Total Health Package

CBD is gradually becoming one of the most sought-after medicines in the market today. This is not just because of its ability to treat a wide variety of ailments ranging from depression and anxiety to epilepsy and chronic pain but because it can be used long term without causing any side effects like addiction or dependence.  If there is any drug that can be called the total package, it is definitely CBD (be it CBD oil, or CBD gummies or CBD tincture). 

CBD gummies as another form of CBD products, are growing in popularity. These candy-like cannabinoids have the same beneficial effects as other forms of CBD and help to relieve pain, anxiety and stress, and treat some diseases; They are also consumed for sleep problems, like Insomnia.  Click here

These chewy gummies come in various shapes, colors and great flavors. That’s why a great number of scientists and consumers have shown considerable interest in giving the best CBD gummies a try. Moreover, many people take these gummies while they’re taking a trip or before the plane is taking off, because it eases their stress or flight phobia.

CBD gummies is prescribed for two severe, rare forms of epilepsy in kids: Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome. This product is also used to treat some conditions in children, such as anxiety and hyperactivity. Caregivers may also use it for children on the autism spectrum to try to reduce certain symptoms of autism.

What exactly is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of the most popular cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The other most popular cannabinoids are THC. CBD is gaining fame because unlike the THC it is not psychoactive (i.e., it doesn’t give you the high sensation so you can relax) 

CBD oil is gaining prominence in the wellness and health world. A lot of research has shown that CBD gummies are useful in treating a variety of ailment both physical and mental. 

Some of the ailments CBD has been discovered to treat include; 

  • Arthritis and other inflammatory diseases: there are enough clinical evidence showing that CBD reduces arthritic inflammation, swelling and pain.
  • Insomnia:  this is the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. CBD oil has been discovered to improve sleep pattern by improving your response to stress, relaxing the muscles and increasing your sleep time.
  • Anxiety, depression and other mental health problems: unlike THC which is well known for causing anxiety CBD has proven to be reliable in fighting anxiety no matter the causative ailment. Also, unlike the traditional anti-depressants which come with a truckload of side effects, CBD gummies had been discovered to attack root causes of depression instead of sidelining it for temporary relief. It can be stopped when relief is noticed.
  • Chronic and Acute pain:  both CBD and THC have shown considerable effectiveness in relieving pain, but because of the psychoactive and addictive property of THC, it is less recommended. CBD is known to alleviate pain be it chronic or acute.

How does it work?

CBD works by binding with the body’s endocannabinoid system (a vast network of receptors or neurotransmitters that affect a lot of our body processes) this is why it seems to be the answer to almost every ailment. 

How is it administered? 

CBD can be applied sublingually (such as oil, which is dropped under the tongue), orally (such as gummies) and topically (such as tincture) giving you a variety of options to pick from. 

This CBD definitely has to be the deal breaker but don’t be in a hurry to pick any CBD product you see. Some extraction processes (CBD extracted with BHO, propane, hexane or other hydrocarbons) are not entirely safe. Look out for CBD products that are extracted with CO2 or food-grade ethanol. Fortunately, we offer the best CBD products on the market.

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