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Pop the Popcorn for These 6 Awesome Home Theater Improvement Tips

Are you looking to take your home theater to a new level? If so, read on to learn 6 awesome home theater improvement tips.

If you’re a film buff, owning a home cinema is probably one of your dreams. You can bring the movie theater experience into your own home.

Your awesome home theater is perfect when you have family and friends over and is a great way to introduce your kids to movies.

But do you notice your home theater isn’t what you expected? There are many factors that contribute to the cinematic experience. And if you’re not a cinema pro, identifying these factors can be difficult.

There are secrets the major movie theaters aren’t sharing. Here are 6 tips to improve your home theater.

1.Devote a Room to Your Theater

Devote a Room to Your Theater
As much as we would love to live in a mansion with a few extra rooms, many of us can’t afford that luxury. This is why many people use their living room or even their back patio as their home theater.

If you want a home theater, devoting a room to your home theater is vital to the cinematic experience.

If you have an extra room, such as an office or an old bedroom, convert that to your home theater. You and your guests will be fully immersed in the film, with no other distractions in the room.

For any other features, make sure they’re cinema-related. Have a popcorn station ready, some snacks, and even an open bar or mini fridge filled with drinks. Learn more about home theater accessories here.

2.Know the Best Viewing Distance

Know the Best Speaker Placement
When you’re at the movies, the screen looks larger than life. If you have a huge flat screen TV, you’re on the right track.

But knowing the secret of TV and seating angles will make the biggest difference – even if your TV isn’t impressive.

The TV should be at the center of the room, with seating arranged around the TV and angled toward the TV. This will give your audience a great view, no matter where they’re sitting.

But every TV is sized differently. To know the seating arrangement secrets, a little math is involved.

To know how far back to sit, measure your TV diagonally. Divide that number by 2. That’s how far back you should sit.

3.Upgrade Your Speakers

Upgrade Your Speakers
When it comes to home theaters, most focus on the quality of the video. But do you consider the sound?

Your picture could look amazing, but what’s the point of watching a film if the sound is weak? For cinematic results, upgrade your speakers.

Buy the most recent speakers on the market. Look for high-impact and surround sound. Audio has many components – the center channel does the most work.

The center channel uses all audio aspects; if you’re on a budget, the center channel is what you should buy.

If you don’t have them yet, add subwoofers. These speakers make film scores sound more dramatic and add depth to sound.

A receiver also gives your speakers the most strength. Modern speakers are made with a receiver, but it doesn’t hurt to buy a separate system and wire it into your speakers.

4.Lighting Matters

Lighting Matters
What’s the point of investing in theater equipment if there’s a perpetual glare or if the viewers can’t see the screen?

Fortunately, it’s easy to achieve cinema-quality lighting. For starters, turn off all of the lights. If there are windows in your cinema room, blue blackout curtains to ensure no light shines through the windows.

Make sure your screen is bright, but not too bright to disrupt your viewers’ vision and can take away from the film.

You should also take different TV lighting into consideration. For example, if you have a plasma display, these TVs are naturally not very bright.

5.Splurge on Seating

Splurge on Seating
Don’t you love the movie theaters with the comfortable recliners? There’s a reason why comfort is essential to the viewing experience.

Tossing and turning in small movie theater chairs takes away from the film. But this thought doesn’t usually cross the mind when you placed the old sofa in your theater room.

You don’t want your guests leaving your theater sore and with many body cramps, right?

This is why you should splurge on seating. You’ll sink into comfortable chairs and will feel relaxed as you watch the film.

But which chairs are best? While you love the large recliners, look for ergonomic office chairs. These chairs are meant for long-term use and benefit your back and posture.

If you’re on a budget, choose bean bags. These are fun and comfortable options with a low price tag.

6.Know the Best Speaker Placement

Know the Best Speaker Placement
The significance of speakers was mentioned before, but knowing the correct speaker placement is vital. You could splurge on state-of-the-art surround sound, but you wasted money if your speakers are hidden.

The human ear is complex. We hear sounds coming from all directions and all angles. To immerse your viewers, match the human ear methodology to your speaker system.

Use this hint when placing your speakers: surround sound. Meaning your speakers should surround your guests at all angles. Invest in multiple speakers and place them in front, behind, and on all sides of the seating.

Even if you decide to buy cheaper speakers, using this speaker placement will result in dramatic sound improvement.

Time to Create the Best Home Theater

Is it your dream to have a home theater? You probably realize how technical the cinematic experience can be. But these tips will help you have the best home theater.

Specific equipment and tools are necessary. Buy a theater-quality TV and invest in surround sound.

Make sure your lighting is effective and you have the best seating arrangement.

Devote a specific room to a theater rather than adding everything to your living room. Follow this advice and you’ll have a home theater that you and your guests will love.

For more home improvement tips, continue reading our blog and our tool reviews.