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How to Make a Modern Living Room Feel Cozy

A reoccurring question that many people ask when rebuilding or remodelling a living room is this: how can I make my living room comfortable?

If you are one of such curious minds, below are a few things you can do to make your modern living room feel cozy.

Make Use Of Curtains

Are your curtains already hanging in your living room? If not, you should definitely buy some. They reduce – at least in lush form and in wrinkles – the uncomfortable passing sound. They also give windows a nice, soft frame. If you like it a little more modern, then resort to panel curtains. They can be used as room dividers, decorative panels or just to cover your windows.

Use The Psychology Of Colours

Do you like the light and fresh pastel colours that are currently trendy? Then choose, for example, light wood or white in combination with light blue, pink, mint and light yellow to amplify that modern feel. Even subtle patterns are allowed here and there. Ultimately, you decide which colour combinations you feel comfortable around. Sometimes courage is rewarded by supposedly biting colours like red and pink can work together beautifully.

Choose The Right Lighting

Since natural light is a real asset for a modern living room, it is essential to add a few touches of decorative light.

For this, we will substitute the traditional round chandelier, which is an exact contrast of what we need, and we opt for an original suspension alongside naked filament lamps. This idea and many others are good for pimping the too traditional style of your living room. In any case, forget the obsolete halogen, the pale lamp, and the discreet ceiling light, in exchange for a more natural bulb.

Mix Things Up

Wake up your living room, by adding a mix of everything cool! For instance, you have this beautiful wooden floor and beautiful solid furniture, but your white walls are not the best taste. To transform the living room, create a nice mix of genres: a little panelling, a little wallpaper, velvet on the couch, a rug with long hair, and marble on the coffee table.

Warm Up The Living Room With A Rug

Whether your floor is tiled, paved or covered with a floor, you still need a rug to warm it up! A rug is a key accessory for a cozy interior. Furthermore, if you like to walk barefooted in the living room, then choose a soft carpet to warm and cushion your steps!

In fact, a long wicker rug will warm up your living room in autumn and winter and give you the sweet feeling of warmth. If you’re worried that your carpet will act like a dust-nest, opt for a woven natural fiber rug, such as a wool rug or a cotton rug.

Make Use Of Cushions

Cushions are highly effective in changing the feel of a living room. A mixture of various sizes and dimensions will help you create a huge volume of beauty on your armchairs and sofas. They simply bring material and structure into the design. They are equally soft and pleasant to the touch, and can also serve as an extra pillow when lying on the couch to relax your back, read or reflect.

Add Mirrors For Visual Effect

Mirrors will not only have a magnifying effect but will also illuminate dark corners by capturing and reflecting light. You can install a large mirror on a plain wall or shape it into models that will make for a graphic decoration.


These are some simple but very effective ways to make a modern living room look cozy. Hiring professional interior designers is always a great way to have spectacular designs and save cost of designs. You can replicate a Beverly Hills interior design for your modern living room. If you are from Los Angeles, check out the amazing designs made by professional interior designers Los Angeles.