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How Polisorb Can Quickly Relieve Foodborne Reactions

The overindulgent winter holidays might be over, but stomach discomfort can occur in any season. Whether you’re suffering from a case of too much sugar, too much alcohol or too much spice, or just a case of general indigestion, Polisorb powder can help stop stomach issues in their tracks. Learn more about foodborne reactions and how Polisorb brings relief.

Reasons For Foodborne Reactions

You know when you’ve eaten something that doesn’t sit well. You feel bloated, maybe nauseated and gassy. There are a lot of reasons that your stomach gets unhappy with you.

  • You ate something that you are intolerant or sensitive to, such as gluten, milk or any dozens of items that cause an allergic reaction.
  • Sometimes, you over consume food or drinks that can be difficult to digest.
  • Food poisoning can occur from undercooked or uncooked food, or food that isn’t held at the right temperature.
  • You may eat something that was past its prime.
  • Your body may not be used to digesting a particular food if you don’t eat it that often.

What does Polisorb Do To Help Relieve Discomfort?

Polisorb is an enterosorbent meaning it binds other substances to it. Polisorb is a substance that can enter your digestive tract and bind with the undigested food that is making your stomach unhappy. Then, the Polisorb exits your body, along with the food, giving you relief much quicker than waiting until the food is completely digested. Polisorb is pure silicon dioxide, which naturally occurs in your body. It’s not a synthetic chemical, but a highly purified form of a compound found in nature. Polisorb is not digested, nor absorbed by your body. All the Polisorb you take in comes out the other end. It works like a magnet. When Polisborb comes into contact with bacteria, allergens and toxins in your digestive tract, it binds with them and carries them out.

Polisorb is safe to use. It works through a physical reaction, not a chemical one. When you take Polisorb it doesn’t change into a different substance as it goes through your body. It can make a big difference in your healthy lifestyle because it is not digested by your body. Once you try it, you’ll discover why so many people make it a permanent part of their medicine cabinet.

When and How to Use Polisorb

Polisorb can be used in situational stomach issues and as a regular detox cleanse. When your stomach gets upset after a foodborne problem, you can use Polisorb to relieve the symptoms. You can get results in 10 to 15 minutes. Polisorb removes the toxins causing your discomfort. It won’t give you diarrhea, but you will need to use the bathroom.

Polisorb can also be an effective part of your monthly cleansing routine. Using Polisorb on a regular basis removes harmful bacteria and viruses that build up in your gut, making your immune system work harder. Polisorb removes that bacteria to let the good bacteria flourish and to take a load off your immune system.

Take Polisorb at the first sign of digestive discomfort to see for yourself how it works.

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