Wednesday, December 1, 2021

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Timeless Winter Design Ideas fit for any Home Makeover

Over 70% of Americans are planning on redecorating their homes this year, according to one study, and nearly four in 10 people said that Scandinavian design (which is known for cozy textures) was an influence in their home decor. For those who may find themselves at a loss when it comes to interior design trends for winter, however, there’s a lot more than just one style to consider. Whether you’ve just moved or you’re looking to update the home you’ve been in for years, here are just a few trends worth considering.

Adding texture —  and the right lighting

In areas of the home such as the bedroom and living room, adding texture via throw pillows and cozy blankets can do a lot in terms of readying your home for the winter months. Not only are such accessories functional at keeping you warm, however, as they are also great for adding style and a cozy visual appearance, too. With different materials to choose from such as wool, velvet, or faux fur, there’s no doubt that you’ll find what style fits your home and tastes best. To add to these spaces, making use of soft lighting via scented candles, or even incandescent lighting on a dimmer switch can aid in creating the perfect warm ambience that many crave during the winter season.

The importance of shifting colors

When looking to redesign your home’s interior for the winter season, there are many ways that a change of color pallete can transform the space from one season to the next. With warm tone shades such as a brick red, or even cool tone shades like an olive green or grey bringing a warm feeling into any space, whether you choose to do so via furniture, a fresh coat of paint, rugs, or accessories like throw pillows and blankets. One great way to incorporate warm tones into your design is to pick an earthy inspired take with a palette full of warm metal bronze tones and earthy textures.

Incorporating natural elements

In addition to shifting the color palette and making use of stylish throw pillows and soft blankets, incorporating natural elements into your home’s design can be a great way to achieve a full on winter aesthetic. This is something that is often seen with country home designs, with warm wood elements such as wood paneling, wood finishes and accents, or even a rustic wooden side table or two being prime examples that fit with the style. However, if you don’t want to invest a lot of money into permanent wood flooring, paneling, or expensive furniture, even adding wooden accent pieces throughout your home is enough to achieve the desired effect. For instance, a wooden candle holder or a wooden basket to keep your blankets are both functional and ideal for any winter redesign, and are versatile enough to be used all year round (or put away when the snow stops falling, depending on your preference).
Redesigning your home for the winter months is a great way to transform any space into an inviting and warm winter hideaway, whether you’re focusing on one room or redoing the whole house. With options like changing up your color palette to using wood materials to your advantage (in addition to a healthy dose of throw pillows and blankets), you can have your ideal winter home in no time.

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