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Ways to start making money while streaming on Twitch

In the broadest sense of the word streaming is the conduct of live broadcasts over the Internet. At the same time, you can broadcast anything – a report on doing business, the process of preparing food, unpacking purchases, jokes and pranks, playing computer games. Streaming games is the most popular destination. As a rule, in the corner of the screen we see the streamer’s face, which accompanies the gameplay with interesting comments. That is, it is not so much about the process of passing as about the general atmosphere – jokes, unusual actions, emotional reactions

What does it take to be a good streamer?

Let’s start with the technical thing – fast internet connection. After all, no one likes to look at a streamer that constantly turns off. Choose the provider with the most reliable connection so that the bandwidth is more than enough to transfer video in 1080p. The minimum channel requirements are 20 Mbps. Ideally, at least 40-80 Mbps. In principle, such numbers will now be given by any “stationary” provider, but it is important that the connection is not only fast “on paper”, but also stable in reality, with a minimum latency.  Of course, having the perfect internet channel isn’t enough to be a successful streamer. 

Remember the following things:

In itself, the passage of the game is not interesting to anyone. Make a show! Do not be afraid of the camera, joke, grimace, interact with the audience, emotionally comment on what is happening with your character, look for unusual options for completing tasks.

Work on your speech, it should be clear, fluent, but not too fast, without parasitic words. 

Choose your niche well. Game streams a wagon and a small cart, perhaps it makes no sense to become the 100,000th streamer of Dota . You need something special.

Stream regularly to ensure that you will be remembered.

Arrange contests, give gifts.

Where to stream – Twitch V YouTube Live

The most popular streaming platform is Twitch. YouTube also has a channel for broadcasts – YouTube Live. There are streaming options on social networks – Facebook Live, VK Live.

How to make money by streaming games?

  • Donates. These are voluntary donations that viewers donate to support their favorite streamers. You can simply indicate the account number in the profile, but it is safer to use special services  (Donationalerts, Streamlabs and others
  • Paid subscription. The conditions for enabling it are different on different services. Premium viewers can get, for example, the ability to watch broadcasts without ads. And also special badges that distinguish them from others, access to a private chat, and so on.
  • Streaming platform affiliate program . Ads will be embedded in your broadcasts. Again, there are certain requirements for the regularity of streams, the number of subscribers.
  • Sponsored advertising – promo of goods, companies, brands. Of course, in order for you to line up for advertising, you need to have a large audience. Plus, it is important to be able to make the advertisement delicate, not annoying.

Placing affiliate links to games during streams.

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