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11 Things You Cannot Miss When Traveling to Egypt

If you are already planning your trip for next year, you might want to look into traveling to Egypt. Home of the great pyramids and majestic Pharaonic attractions, Egypt is definitively in everyone’s bucket list and it will soon be in yours when you are done seeing everything you can do while visiting Egypt.

Egypt is home to unique cultures and history pieces, if you think the only attractions are the pyramids you are wrong, there are tons of other things you can do while traveling to Egypt. Start booking your flight in Egyptair, and preparing yourself for the next adventure.

Shop at Khan el-Khalili Market

One of Cairo’s most iconic marketplaces. Here you can find everything from spices to clothing garments. Think of this place as adventuring yourself into Aladdin’s world, and find the treasures for yourself.

St Catherine Monastery

Without a doubt, you need to visit this place on your trip to Egypt. One of the oldest monasteries in the world that is still working up to this date.

Egyptian Museum

If you are interested in finding unique historical pieces, the Egyptian Museum is the right place to do so. With over 120,000 displayed items, you will find treasures in one of the most extensive collections of pharaonic antiquities.

Visit de Nile

There is no doubt that on your trip here you have to visit the Nile, and what other way to do it is to adventure in a boat ride through this astounding river.

Cairo Citadel

Built in the 12th century, the Cairo Citadel is known as one of the greatest islamic architecture pieces. Visit this place which also holds the Mosque of Muhammad Ali.

Sultan Hassan Mosque

Claimed to be one of the largest mosques in the world, you can find this gorgeous place in the old city of Cairo.

The White Desert

A national park near Farafra, the White Desert is one of Egypts top attractions for its rock formations and snow white sands. Take a tour through here and adventure yourself through this desert.

El Fayoum

Also known as Egypt’s oldest city, this place is considered to be an oasis that holds waterfalls and valleys in the middle of sand dunes.

Red Sea

The Red Sea offers many great diving sites where you can explore marine life and be surprised by everything you might find underwater.

Abu Simbel Temples

Built as a memorial for Ramses II, these temples are a beauty for the beholder. If you are looking into monumental attractions, this is ideal for you.

Visit the Tomb of Ramses VI

Everyone who has paid a visit to the Tomb of Ramses VI has claimed that it is worth every penny. Aside from being the largest burial chamber, it is perfectly preserved and it looks just like it would look like 3,000 years ago.

Often people struggle with the idea of traveling to Egypt, as they are not familiar with the routes of the destinations. Flights from Jeddah to Cairo might be an appealing option for starting out your trip. Search for different routes or even consider traveling with a tour that will guide you exactly to your favorite destinations without getting you lost. Either way you plan it, you will be astounded by all the monuments and historical pieces that you will find in this place.