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Uninvited Pests: How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Backyard Parties

Do you have a backyard party planned? Once you finalize the guest list, you don’t want any unexpected guests spoiling the party, especially pesky mosquitoes.

Figuring out how to keep mosquitoes away is an important task to add to your party planning checklist. Mosquito control methods make your outdoor party more enjoyable and keep your guests safe since mosquitoes can carry a variety of diseases, including Zika and West Nile virus.

Keep reading to learn how to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard.

Dry Up Standing Water

Standing water attracts more mosquitoes to your yard. The standing water serves as a spot for the pesky bugs to lay their eggs. If you have standing water in your yard, you’ll have a constant stream of new mosquitoes as the eggs hatch, which increases the number of uninvited guests at your party.

Look for any areas where water collects. You might have some decorative or functional elements in your backyard with water, such as birdbaths, kiddie pools, water features, rain barrels, and water bowls for outdoor pets. If possible, consider emptying those things before the party.

You can treat the water in fountains and ponds to repel mosquitoes. If you have a backyard pond, adding fish can help as they’ll eat the mosquito eggs.

Other containers in your yard might collect water when it rains. These things include flower pots, saucers, pool covers, trash cans, buckets, and toys. Check those items frequently, especially leading up to your party, and dump out the water regularly.

If your irrigation system doesn’t work properly or your yard has poor drainage, you might end up with pools of water in your yard. Dips or ruts in the yard can also collect water. Address those drainage and irrigation issues before your party to stop the pooling.

Your gutters can also be the problem if you don’t clean them out regularly. Leaves and other debris can trap water in the gutters, which gives the mosquitoes a spot to breed.

Clean Up the Yard

You’ll likely do some yard prep work for your party anyway, but cleaning up can also help cut down on your mosquito problem. The bugs like cool, shady spots during the day. Anything that creates shade or a hiding spot can harbor mosquitoes.

Remove any brush or debris lying in your yard. Trim back branches and vegetation that might give mosquitoes a place to live.

Another advantage of trimming your landscaping is to let more sunshine hit the ground. That sunlight can dry up the ground to eliminate the moisture that mosquitoes love.

Mow Before the Party

Tall grass is another popular hiding place for mosquitoes during the day. Keep your lawn mowed regularly to discourage them from congregating there. Plan to mow the day before your party so the grass is short.

Schedule a Professional Pest Control Treatment

Calling in the professionals can be an easy option for reducing mosquitoes before your party. Exterminators have a variety of techniques they can use to get rid of mosquitoes.

Pest control companies like Affinity Pest Control will inspect your property to look for areas that could make your mosquito problem worse. They might notice issues that you missed when you cleaned up your yard.

They can also apply sprays to your yard to treat it for mosquitoes. Many pest control companies use safe sprays that are suitable for use around kids, adults, and pets. It’s often safer to let a pro do this type of treatment since they have lots of options and know how to safely apply the products.

Call the pest control company in advance to determine when to schedule the treatment. It’s often best to spray a day or two before the party, depending on how long the treatment lasts.

Use a Screen Tent

Creating a physical barrier can cut down on mosquitoes at your party. You can keep mosquitoes away by setting up screen tents in your party area. The screens block mosquitoes from getting to your guests, although a few might slip in while guests enter and exit the tent.

Set Up Mosquito Repellent Candles and Lamps

If your party is at night, you’ll need lighting anyway. Pull double duty with mosquito repellent candles and lamps. You can find these lighting products in a variety of styles to fit your party decor.

Place the candles throughout the party area. They work well as table centerpieces to offer mood lighting and keep the areas where people will sit free of mosquitoes.

Tiki torches around the perimeter of your party area can also work well. Set them up in safe areas where the flames won’t catch anything on fire or get in the way of regular foot traffic.

Use Fans

A steady breeze can keep mosquitoes away since it’s difficult for them to fly in the wind. Fans also help get rid of human body odor and carbon dioxide produced by breathing, both of which attract mosquitoes toward people. By using fans, you can throw the mosquitoes off your scent.

You don’t have to count on Mother Nature to provide the breeze. Set up fans in your outdoor party area to discourage pests from joining.

If you have an outdoor-rated ceiling fan on your covered porch or patio, turn it on for the party. You can also use pedestal fans to help blow away the bugs. Position them so they don’t blow napkins, party decorations, or other items.

Install Bug Lights

If you have outdoor light fixtures, swap out your regular light bulbs with special bug light bulbs. They typically have a yellow color to them.

Normal light bulbs attract a swarm of bugs after dark, which brings them near your guests. These special bulbs don’t attract bugs like regular bulbs, which helps to get rid of the swarm.

Offer Repellent

As a final layer of protection, offer your guests mosquito repellent that they can wear. Set up a repellent station with various options to give your guests a choice. This might include mosquito spray, repellent wipes, clip-on devices, and repellent bracelets.

Learn How to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Figuring out how to keep mosquitoes away can make your party more enjoyable for everyone. Start preparing the yard in the days and weeks before the party for the best results.

Find more useful information for parties and other areas of your home in our archives.

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