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Apartments Brunswick East: 4 Decorating Tips to Make Your Space Look Bigger

Living in a major city or a prime location can sometimes mean that your living space may not be as big as you hoped it would be. Such is the case of most of the apartments in Brunswick East. Because you cannot change the size of your apartment, you’ll have to figure out how to make your room more spacious.

Small spaces can be challenging when you have to cram all your belongings while still ensuring that you have a comfortable apartment. The key to making your small apartment work is to trick the eyes to see more space aside from creating space. This task is not as difficult as you think. Here are four (4) decorating tips to make your Brunswick East apartment look bigger.

1. Use light colors

Lights colors are reflective and make your room feel open, especially when accompanied by natural light. On the contrary, dark colors make a space look smaller by absorbing light. By using this rule, learn how to incorporate light colors into your apartment. Here are some ideas:

If you are allowed to paint the space, roll up your sleeves and start painting your room. Colors such as off-white, light neutrals such as beige, pastels such as peach or mint, and light grays are good choices to make your room look bigger.
Painting your moldings and wall trims lighter than your wall will make the wall seem farther back.
Consider a striped floor if it suits your taste. You can opt for carpets or rugs, and black and white can give a striking effect.
Stick to cohesive color schemes even with furniture pieces and fabrics to make your space look larger.

2. Maximize storage

Storage spaces would likely be limited in your apartments Brunswick East, so you need to be creative and maximize what you already have. It will take organization and some ingenuity, but it can certainly be done in your room. A few storage hacks are as follows:

Look for multifunctional furniture with concealed storage. Ottomans with built-in storage can double as a coffee table or seat. Some desks and TV stands can also have unobvious storage compartments. You can also choose a box spring with drawers.
Expand your storage space vertically. You can install or mount shelves far up a wall with the approval of your landlord.
Consider an open shelving unit that is extended up to the ceiling.
Hang pans, baskets, utensils, or mugs in your kitchen.
Make more room in your closet by hanging double bars. The high bar can be used for clothes that you don’t often wear, and the other bar for clothes you can quickly grab.

3. Declutter regularly

One of the most crucial factors in making a small apartment appear bigger is not just to create an illusion that you have space but to actually have space. A cluttered room will feel suffocating, cramped up, and far from cozy. That’s why you need to do a big declutter initially and then declutter regularly. Anyone can be guilty of having too many things, but it’s time to let some of these items go and make more room in your small space. Here are a couple of tips to help you:

If you haven’t used or worn something for over a year, let it go. Put it in a box for donation, take it to a thrift store, or organize a “garage sale” of some sort.
For every item that enters your home, one piece should go. Stop purchasing things that you don’t need.
Do not mix various patterns in your room. These distracting elements cause your eyes to travel haphazardly.
Instead of various art pieces, only opt for one or two framed wall art.

4. Mind your furniture

It can be challenging to pick the appropriate furniture for a tiny apartment. However, carefully choosing your furniture and placing them strategically in your space can make so much difference and will give you a comfortable and breathable space. Here are decorating tips for your furniture:

Move furniture away from the walls. Giving even a few inches of space can create a seemingly more open space.
Choose a few larger pieces of furniture rather than several smaller ones. You might think that this is counterintuitive, but your room will look cluttered with too many little pieces.
Furniture pieces that have long, narrow legs will make your space feel larger.
Expandable furniture like a dining table can be kept contained while it’s not in use and expanded when you have guests or as necessary.
See-through furniture can also make your space look bigger because it doesn’t have the visual weight of solid material.

Final Thoughts

You no longer have to stress about having a small apartment in Brunswick East because there are various ideas you can adapt to create actual space and the illusion of a larger area. Simply remember the rules of reflecting light, being creative with storage spaces, keeping only what you use, and choosing the right furniture. By following the decorating tips we’ve provided, you’ll be living in a small but cozy and peaceful retreat.