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5 Tips for Engagement Ring Care

Your engagement ring is meant to symbolize the bond between you and your partner. This is the main reason it is important to take good care of your ring. Knowing how to take care of your ring is one way to make sure it lasts as long as possible. You don’t want it to look worn and torn in less than a few years, right? Keep your ring looking gorgeous with these tips for taking care of engagement rings london professionals have put a lot of work into.

Clean your ring on a regular basis.

Clean your ring
If you let dirt and other particles build up, light can be blocked and your stone can end up looking dull and dirty. Clean your engagement ring with mild soap or dishwashing detergent and warm water. Let it soak in a mug of soapy water for an hour or so and then rinse it off and pat it dry. This should be done every few weeks, but make sure you have all nearby drains covered so you don’t lose your ring down the sink.

Take your ring off at appropriate times.

Your ring is beautiful, but you don’t have to be scared to wear it when doing simple things like washing your hands. A lot of newly engaged people end up leaving their rings on sink counters in restaurants and other places. Keep your ring on for simple stuff but take it off for activities like swimming and playing sports.

Get insurance on your ring.

You should get your engagement and wedding rings insured as soon as you are able to. A lot of jewelers recommend purchasing insurance before leaving the store with the ring, as anything can happen. This also assures that the ring is added onto your homeowners or renter’s insurance. This keeps your ring safe for years to come, so if anything happens it can be replaced without too much stress.

Check the prongs and other features.

Watch out for any loose prongs that could get caught on clothing or lead to losing your stone. Most jewelers a ring check once a year to make sure your ring is still in good condition. If it looks like there are shorter prongs or if you hear shaking, get your ring tightened.

Keep a ring dish in your home or purse.

Business Insider says to designate a specific dish or container to put your ring in. This highly reduces the chance of losing it, leaving it somewhere, or dropping it. Rings are small and easy to lose, so make sure to keep careful track of it whenever it is not on your finger. By having just one or two places to keep your engagement ring, you know exactly where to look when it goes missing and it won’t get scratched by other jewelry.

Take good care of your engagement ring. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry that was chosen carefully with a lot of love. Keep it clean, don’t take it off too often, get it insured, check the prongs regularly, and designate one container for your ring so you don’t lose it.