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What to Look for in ITSM Software

In 2020, many businesses are benefiting massively from using IT service management software which is also known as ITSM. This software comes with many features including workflow automation, automated password resets and more. Of course, there are many companies now offering versions of this kind of software and so it can be hard to choose the right one.

To help you with this, we have put together some of the things that you should look for in your ITSM software. Use this guide to make the right decision.

Simple User Interface

One of the first things that you’ll want to look for in your ITSM software is a simple user interface. You won’t want to have to spend a lot of time training your team and training yourself how to use the new package as this will only waste time and money. Some companies offer easy to use packages and some have even optimised these into mobile apps. Make sure to look out for this.

The Right Features

Each ITSM solution will come with different features and not all of these will be relevant to your business. Some of the best features to look out for in your ITSM software include patch management, hardware network monitoring and incident management. You might also want to look out for a self-service portal and live chat that can make things easier to handle.


Understanding IT performance is key to making improvements to your system and aiding your clients. This is why you should make sure that the ITSM software you choose comes with an analytics feature. This will allow you to get regular insights into what is happening and make more informed decisions in the future.

Readily Available Information

An ITSM software provider that continues to improve the software and educate you on various aspects of it is one that you should be looking for. Take the SysAid blog, for example, this is filled with plenty of insights into how the system works and tips on how you can improve. This continuous education is key and is something that you should look out for.


Finally, you should make sure that you look out for affordability in your ITSM software. Packages will range in price depending on the features that are on offer and the number of users. It is important that you are not overspending as this can lead to further issues. Some providers will allow you to download a free trial to test out the software. This is something to consider if you want to give your team a chance to decide if this is right for the company.

Get Hunting

Now that you know what to look out for in your ITSM software, you can start looking for the right one. Make sure to use our tips and tricks when making this decision as they will guide you to the perfect software for your company.