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How to Improve Your Style without Giving up on Your Nerdy Side

So here’s the problem: you want to impress your coworkers with a sleek, sophisticated wardrobe, or maybe you want to standout at the bookstore to impress a guy or gal walking by who could very well become the deity of your day-to-day. The only issue, is that your style screams “D&D” from a mile away, so you don’t even get the chance to chat it up with your colleagues or slide in a smooth pickup line.

We’re all about originality, and would never suggest compromising your sense of self in an effort to impress anyone (except for, maybe, Daenerys Targaryen or anyone else who can make you bend the knee).

That said, life is about compromise. So if your next-level nerdiness is preventing you from fitting in at work, wooing your paramour, or growing your social media presence, it might be time to revamp your wardrobe.

Don’t panic – we’re not asking you to toss the Star Wars graphic tees or burn the Llama leggings. We’re just showing you how adopting a geek-chic aesthetic can welcome new acquaintances into your life. Sure, you can spend hours on WoW without blinking an eye… but if you want to find your own counterpart or companion IRL, you have to get out there and socialize with the mortal species in order to find your own elf druid.

Here’s how you can dress to impress while staying true to what you love.

  • Accessorize with Authenticity

Want to know the best way to take your current closet to contemporary standards? Simple: Stick with the basics you already own and upgrade them with a few stylish accessories that tell the world “I put thought into how I dress”. Geeking out over your favorite hobbies is totally acceptable; paint those miniature figurines, fly your latest DJI drone, or compete in the next Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament with full fervor, throwing cards down harder than the rebel spaceships in the Battle of Toprawa during the Galatic Civil War.

But don’t be at war with yourself, wishing for companionship while washing away time on your endless pursuits. Demonstrate your depth with a clever accessory, like a Harry Potter tie for your office formal wear or a Pokémon watch while you’re out and about.

Pro Tip: The key is to mix your geeky greatness with a touch of discerning so that people find your fandom favorable and funny, not frivolous or fanciful.

  • The Devil is in the Details

Your belt matters. Your sunglasses matter. Everything from your head to your toes is up for interpretation when it comes to your peers and passersby. So while you might want to live in your Star Wars socks, you should use a bit of judgment before heading to a classy affair.

When impressions are on the line, it’s better to tone it down and go a bit more demure rather than bold and bright. Trade out the nerdy socks for sleeker pair, so that anytime you cross your legs like a gentleman, you expose a funky but stylish design. Leave the eccentric watch at home in favor of a sophisticated timepiece that exudes class with every handshake.

If you really need to show off some flair, do so with an eclectic pocket square cleverly peeking out of your sharp blazer. Need a way to express your originality at the office day to day? How about adding your novelty collector’s pin to your on-trend messenger bag? It’s little details like these that let people know you mean business upfront, but will totally blast them in Battle Star Galactica when you get back home.

  • Refine – Not Reform

The biggest takeaway we can give you when it comes to men’s fashion, is that less is more. Go for fewer patterns. Limit your range of loud colors. Keep it classic, with neutral tones that can match any ensemble, for any occasion, in any season. Once you refine your style, you can accessorize smartly to show the world where your heart lies – whether it’s on the WWII battlefront in CoD or in your living room before an epic set of Legos.

Cosplay enthusiasts, avid gamers, tinkerers, tech lovers, and all nerds alike: you can still hold true to your hobbies while wearing haute attire so you command respect from colleagues and cuties.