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Where to Get Organic Baby Towels?

Parents bathe their babies regularly, thereby showing him the importance of daily personal hygiene. All water procedures take place without the slightest discomfort and tantrums due to the softness and comfort of home textiles. Organic baby towels made from soft fabric are considered the best choice. Soft villi quickly absorb excess moisture from the baby’s skin, warming him pleasantly.

But where to buy a high-quality organic towel? The online company Natemia, located at, provides you with this opportunity. It has a wide assortment of such products, so you can easily choose organic cotton baby towels there.

It seems appropriate to tell in more detail about the features of organic baby towels, which are sold on the website Natemia.

Organic Hooded Baby Towel: General Characteristics

The fabric from which the organic baby bath towel is made is hypoallergenic, which is very important for the parents of the child. In addition, it does not contain:

Chemical ingredients, in particular dyes, excipients, necessary during processing. Components are non-toxic and biodegradable;

  • Formaldehyde, heavy metals, GMOs as well as enzymes derived from such organisms;
  • Synthetic coupling agents;
  • Machine oils, which comprise heavy metals;
  • Azo dyes that secrete carcinogenic amine complexes;
  • Chlorine;
  • Images created through the use of substances containing PVC, or phthalates;
  • Accessories with chrome or nickel.

The Types of Towels

All the baby towels that are represented on the site Natemia can be divided into several types:

  1. For the face, legs, and hands. These best organic baby bath towels have a pleasant to the touch surface, which makes them comfortable to use. Sizes are different;
  2. Beach towel. The product is quite large, which can even be used as a bedspread on a beach by a lake, river or sea;
  3. Hooded towel. It is a real find for parents, as it not only protects against weathering but can also have funny ears, which raises the mood of newborns. It is very convenient to wrap the baby in it after a shower.

How to Choose the Best Baby Towel?

If you want to buy a towel on the site Natemia, but cannot decide on the choice, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Material. This is the main selection criterion. Choose natural textile (for example, bamboo, cotton, velour, etc.) that does not cause irritation on delicate skin and does not harm the health of others;
  • The size. Textile manufacturers provide a wider selection of sizes. The most common ones are:
  1. 75×150 cm;
  2. 80×80 cm;
  3. 100×100 cm.

It is more profitable and convenient to take sets;

  • Appearance. The child will never confuse his personal hygiene product with an analog that belongs to another family member. All because his towel differs from others in a beautiful pattern (for example, bees, machine, Barbie, etc.), pleasant structure, neat loops, moderate smell.

So, now you know where to buy the best organic bath towel for your baby, and what aspects take into account when choosing. We hope, you found the information you were looking for in this article.