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Tips On How To Set Up A TV In Your Living Room

Locate A Power Source

Find a power source that is closest to where you would like to put the TV. You need to ensure that the power supply will be able to handle additional extras such as a sound system or a Blu-ray player. Also factor in where your windows are, as it may create a glare on the screen.


It is always better to position the TV at eye-level. This will ensure that you do not strain your eyes or your neck when looking down or up at the screen. In most cases, around 4 feet from the ground up is ideal. Then take the screen’s diagonal width and multiply this by 3 to arrive at the correct viewing distance. (This might not always be possible, but it is a good starting point).

Select A Focal Point

If you want to make your television your focal point, it should be positioned in the middle of your seating area. If there is already a focal point in the room such as a window or a mantel, then consider positioning it on a wall that is adjacent to your focal point, to ensure you can still view the TV comfortably.

Hide It

If your TV is not the focal point in your living room, then you will probably want it concealed when needed. In this case, think about hiding the TV in either an armoire or cabinet with doors. Take a look at Rooms to Go. The cabinet will need holes or you can drill them into the back so that the cords can pass through. The cabinet should also be easy to close or open, especially when you have children that plan to use it.

Integrate It

You can incorporate the TV into your existing d├ęcor by installing the TV into a unit like a bookcase. From here you can surround the television with photographs, objects, and books. If you would like to further integrate the TV, surround it with art pieces or photography on a wall.

Flip It

If you want to use a smaller TV in areas like your kitchen, buy a television that you can mount under a cupboard, that you can flip down or up when you want to use it. This can also work well in a home office or a den.