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5 Ways You Can Style Up Your Apple Watch Like a Fashionista

The Apple Watch is one of modern technologies most creative and useful gadgets. You can use it to stay in touch with family, get up to date on the news, track your macros and your calories, and even tell the time! However, the apple watch doesn’t always take into account your personal style!

The fashion industry and all things DIY have really embraced the idea of styling all your tech! From popular designers creating cell phone cases, to diamond encased smart watches, no matter what your style is, there is something to spruce up that boring band! Here are five ways you can style up your Apple Watch like a true fashionista!

Power Move

Women all over the world are looking for ways to take their inner confidence and make it shine through their clothes! Women empower each other at work, as well as in fashion. Take your inner strength with you to work, or the gym, or in your everyday life!

Making your power moves with up-styling your Apple Watch is easy! Go for bold colors, strong textures, and keep it simple. Sometimes more is less, especially when it comes to showing your force in your fashion. Here’s how you can export your power fashion!

  • Bold colors
  • Simple metal textures
  • Clean lines
  • Black and White!

Make power moves at work, in the gym, at home, and with your fashion!

La Vie Boheme

More and more, people are looking to take their love of the environment and all things natural into their fashion choices. You can style your Apple Watch to fit your personal lifestyle preferences, and really make your personality shine through your clothes!

You can keep it all natural, like choosing a personalized leather Apple watch band that is all natural and handmade! Fashion forward can also mean planet forward, as you spruce up your style with an all-natural, organically made fabric watch band. Looking to the future with your fashion and your love of nature is a great way to style up your tech!

Art Lover

More and more, huge fashion names are embracing enticing patterns and unique art in fashion pieces. Show your love of originality by putting a bold pattern, a striking texture, or even a handmade band on your Apple Watch!

The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to taking your love of original art into your fashion choices! From shopping from local artists, or finding a template to make your own wearable art, there are so many ways you can incorporate your unique style into your Apple Watch band!

Embrace the Glam

Embracing all of the things feminine, glamorous, and chic for your smart watch band is all the rage right now. You can choose from having a rose gold tennis bracelet for your Apple Watch, or even get into the bling with a wrist covered in diamonds.

When it comes to taking your fashion to the next level, embracing your inner glam is one of the best ways to style up your Apple Watch! You can also aim to glam up all of the best and brightest accessories for your watch and IPhone X.

Not only can you go next level with your metals, but you can also introduce couture! There are a LOT of fashion houses embracing the tech, and making some of the industry’s most amazing accessories for your smart gadgets!

Fit and Fabulous

One of the most amazing parts of having wearable tech is being able to track all of your health and fitness goals! There have been plenty of studies done about the many health and wellness applications of smart watches, so why not move that awareness into your fashion choices!?

Here are some ways you can put your fitness into fashion for your Apple Watch!

  • Choose something easy to clean
  • Waterproof materials
  • Fun colors or patterns to keep you motivated!
  • Don’t forget a case so you don’t break it at the gym!

More and more the fashion industry is taking the fitness world by storm! Take your smart watch benefits to new levels and make your work out FABULOUS! Check out here some other best Smartwatches you will love.

Fashion Forward

You can easily style up your Apple Watch with the help of these five tips! Whether you are fashion forward at the gym, love to keep it all natural, or are embracing your inner power, you can dress your smartwatch like a true fashionista!