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9 Traditional and Creative Places to Put Your Restaurant Logo

Most businesses have a logo along with their company name, and this includes some of the top restaurants. Smaller restaurants can also benefit from having a logo, and strategic placement of your restaurant’s name and logo can help you attract more customers. Here are nine traditional and creative places to put your restaurant logo.

#1: Bags, Wrappers, and Other Packaging

If you prepare food to-go, use sandwich wrappers or any other type of packing for your food, you can put your logo on it. Many restaurants use generic white or brown food wrappers, but placing your logo on food wrappers will stand out to your customers. Of course, your logo will be printed on one side, and the other side that touches the food will be left blank.

#2: Furniture

If your customers can sit down to eat in your restaurant, consider adding your logo to the furniture. Logos can be engraved on a variety of materials, from wood to metal, and they can even be embroidered on seat cushions. This can act as a subtle nudge for customers to sit down and enjoy the atmosphere of your restaurant while they eat, as opposed to ordering to go.

#3: Menus

Menus are a common place for restaurants to place their name and logo, whether it’s a paper menu, a menu displayed on the wall for all to see, or a drive-thru menu. If you don’t offer menus, you may want to consider doing so because seeing a restaurant’s name and logo while ordering food makes it more likely for customers to remember where they ate the food.

#4: Napkins

Many restaurants use disposable paper napkins, and this can be hard to print your logo on. Instead, opt for cloth napkins that can be washed and reused. As with menus, having a cloth napkin with your restaurant’s name and logo on it will increase the likelihood of your customers remembering where they ate that nice meal that one time— and they’ll come back again!

#5: Promotional Items

Promotional items are everyday or specialty items that are usually sold or gifted to customers. They always bear a business’s name and/or logo so that when others see the user using or wearing it, they’ll be curious about the business. Some of the most common promotional items are T-shirts and baseball caps, but the most successful items will make sense to your restaurant. For example, consider selling promotional bottle openers if you sell traditional bottled drinks, or promotional coffee mugs if you sell coffee.

#6: Storefront

All restaurants (should) have the name of it located somewhere at the entrance, whether it’s on the building in bright neon letters, on the front door or window, or even on a sign-out front. It all depends on what you have room for and what you can afford, and you can even have a combination. Having your name and logo on the outside of your restaurant is the quickest way to draw in customers, both passersby and those who have heard about your restaurant in other ways. A sign is a confirmation that they’re in the right place.

#7: Tablecloth

Tablecloths, like napkins, are optional. If you use tablecloths in your restaurant, consider having your restaurant name and logo embroidered on them. Restaurants that use tablecloths have a touch of elegance to them, and having the name of the restaurant on the logo takes it to another level.

#8: Uniforms

Most restaurants require their employees to wear some type of uniform, whether it’s a formal uniform or a T-shirt and jeans. However, not all restaurants have their name and logo on their employee uniforms. Having your name and logo on your employee uniforms increases the visibility of your restaurant and helps your employees represent the company they work for. Logos can be placed on shirt pockets (managers), sleeves (chefs), or the backs of shirts, and even on aprons.

#9: Wall

Your restaurant’s name and logo don’t have to be displayed on the outside only; you can also have it displayed on the inside as well. Your logo can be painted on the walls, in 3D LED letters, illustrated on a chalkboard, or even displayed digitally on a TV screen.

You have many options when it comes to logo placement in your restaurant. Just make sure to take into consideration placement and what makes the most sense to your restaurant. This way, more people will come to, and remember your business.