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Emojis for Social Media Marketing: 5 Tips You Need to Keep in Mind

Whenever you’re in the world of social media, you can always find emojis here and there. The popularity of this form of shorthand expression has gripped the creative minds of social media marketers. Now, marketers take advantage of emojis to connect with their target audience and increase audience engagement.

Data show that the use of emojis in Tweets can grow your audience engagement by 25 percent. Moreover, incorporating emojis in your Facebook posts can boost likes, comments, and shares.

However, you can’t get these benefits if you don’t know how to use emojis effectively. So, I listed down in this blog post the five essential tips for using emojis on social media marketing.

Look for the Meaning Behind an Emoji

Most folks on social media often use a particular emoji in a different context from what it originally meant. That’s why it’s a must to look up for the meaning of an emoji before using it in your post. Otherwise, your social media followers will ridicule your post, which can have a negative impact on your brand.

Also, it’s crucial to know that most emojis don’t only mean one thing. For example, the popular eye emoji can mean two things. You can use it to convey that you’re keeping an eye on something/someone or use it as an invitation to check out something.

So, again, search for the meaning of an emoji to make sure that you’re using it in the right context.

Get Custom Emojis

Yes, you can create your own emoji that’s suitable for your brand’s marketing goals. Of course, including custom emojis in your social media posts is a unique way to raise the audience’s awareness of your brand. However, you should ensure that you use custom-made emojis effectively to achieve what you want in your social media marketing.

One way to use custom emojis effectively is by incorporating them on your exclusive social media campaigns. In this way, you can avoid making them too ordinary. For example, you can include custom emojis in your posts that support or promote a social cause.

Using custom emojis to further a social cause has been done by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) on Twitter. WWF created a custom emoji for every endangered animal in the world. Once you include a particular emoji in your Tweet, funds will be donated to that animal represented in the emoji.

Use Emojis to Connect with Your Audience

If you want to connect or look cool to your social media followers, it’s high time to use emojis. This social media marketing tactic is an excellent way to display the human side of your business because you’re doing what many people do, which is using emojis in their posts.

When your followers feel this human aspect in your brand, they will surely become more engaging with your social media interactions. Also, it’s highly likely that they will talk about your brand on social media. Therefore, if you want to strike a connection with your followers, don’t forget to incorporate emojis in your posts and Tweets.

Utilize Emojis to Provide an Interactive Experience

Don’t allow your audience to get bored on social media. Find something that can provide them with enjoyment or an interactive experience. And, there are few better ways to cater to your audience’s entertainment than using emojis.

For example, you can create a small game on your social media page that makes your followers guess an emoji combination. Then, a prize goes to the first person who can provide the right guess.

Find the Right Timing When to Use Emojis

As the saying goes, there’s always a right time and right place for something. This is also true with using emojis in social media marketing. Of course, it’s a must to avoid using emojis in a formal setting. Also, don’t use offensive emojis because they can have a negative impression on your target audience.


If you need to upgrade your social media marketing, emojis can be useful for that purpose. Emojis have the power to connect with your social media followers and increase audience engagement. You can follow the pointers mentioned in this article on how to use emojis effectively.