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Women Embrace The Thigh Tattoo Craze

Most women love to get tattoo designs on their thighs because that is a large part of their body visible to them. You can flaunt the unique tattoo designs on the thighs by wearing shorts or miniskirts. However, before deciding to get a tattoo design on the thighs, you should make sure to wax and clean the thighs so that the tattoo doesn’t appear weird.

If you don’t know which tattoo design can look stunning on the thighs, read this article and take some inspiration from popular and unique thigh tattoos for women.

Eagle Tattoo Design

The eagle tattoo design can look not only attractive but also motivational. Eagle is known as an intelligent and cruel bird. Hence, you can this eagle face inked on the big thighs to feel unique and beautiful at the same time. You can ask the tattoo artist to make the eagle look real by including different bright colors.

Make sure the face of the eagle is inked on the front of the thigh because it should make you feel connected the nature. You can also get the symbol of leaves around the eagle because leaves are part of the environment and enhance the look of the eagle.

Flower Thigh Tattoo Designs for Women

Flowers are the most common tattoo design. However, when you get this design on the thighs, it looks much better because the legs are big. Flower designs can appear realistic and graceful on the thighs. Moreover, the flowers can give you a youthful feeling.

Although every flower is linked with femininity, there are uncountable types of flowers globally, and each flower has a unique meaning. After choosing the flower design, you should think about additional symbols or designs to pair with the flowers.

For instance, butterflies and leaves can enhance the look of the flowers. The additional tattoo designs should be connected with nature to appear realistic.

Little Mermaid Fairy Tattoo for Thighs

Mermaids are becoming an extremely popular design among tattoo lovers because these mythical beings show destruction, sensuality, and beauty. Various women prefer mermaid tattoo design as it is linked with freedom. Tattoo artists with good experience add color and charm to make these little mermaids look realistic.

Ship Tattoo Design

Various tattoo artists will recommend you to get ship design inked a little bit below the thighs. When they add colors in the ship design, these tattoos look more alluring than without adding color. Nowadays, most young girls like to get ship tattoo designs on their thighs. 

Koi Fish Thigh Tattoo Design

One of the trading tattoo designs for the thighs is koi fish. Most women adore the fascinating appearance of the colorful koi fish design. Hence, there is no doubt koi tattoo designs are considered beautiful and remarkable choices for tattoo lovers—Japanese link koi fish with good luck. Currently, koi fish tattoo is popular on social media platforms like Pinterest because of the eye-catching design.

Skull and Rose Tattoo Design for Thighs

If you want to get a dramatic design to look more natural, then a skull and rose design is surely a good choice. Skull and rose designs keep a good balance between good and evil. Moreover, when the skull represents death, the rose can show a beautiful beginning of life.

You can find the much deeper meaning behind the skull and rose design. Compared to other parts of the body, this tattoo design will look best on the thigh.


We hope now you understand which tattoo design can enhance the appearance of the thighs. Don’t forget to clean and remove dead skin cells from your legs before getting a tattoo inked on the thighs. You can get some short dresses and skirts to flaunt these tattoo designs.

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