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The Best Places for Nature Lovers to Live In North Carolina

Despite being known for concrete jungles like New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Detroit, many cities in the United States are home to various green spaces for tourists and residents to enjoy.  That’s right; you read that correctly – living in the USA and enjoying an active lifestyle outdoors is possible. 

Admittedly, some cities and states are better to live in than others if you love the outdoors, with one of the best being North Carolina. Also referred to as the Tar Heel State, North Carolina has convinced tourists and residents alike to take over 37 million in-person trips, which has caused the state to be ranked fifth in the country in terms of domestic visitation

Especially if you’re nearing retirement age or have resided in the city for most of your life, you might be looking at homes for sale in a greener environment so you can participate in some of the most significant associated activities with the outdoors like hiking, skiing, camping, kayaking and many more. 

If this sounds like you, we’ve assembled a list of some of the best places for nature lovers to live in North Carolina, including cities that are near significant nature areas like Carolina Beach State Park or Hanging Rock State Park and cities that will feed your desire to be closer to nature without taking you too far from the civilized world – continue reading to find out more. 

New Bern

New Bern should be among your top considerations if you’re searching for a new place to live in North Carolina. With a low cost of living, diverse housing options, low crime rates, highly ranked schools, and an abundance of outdoor opportunities for residents, New Bern is often dubbed as a ‘natures lovers paradise.’ 

New Bern offers seniors and youngsters a fully packed calendar of activities, from nature-based activities like golfing and fishing to recreational activities that you can participate in with friends and family like festivals, concerts, fitness classes, volunteering opportunities, and plays at the Civic Theatre. 

As well as engaging in nature-based activities, even the homes for sale in New Bern are positioned among green spaces, so even if you’re not an activity-inclined person, you can still enjoy the great outdoors without venturing further than your own doorstep. From extensive waterfront properties to modern downtown condominiums, real estate agents should be able to pair you with an ideal property no matter how fussy of a buyer you might be. 

If you’d like to learn more about real estate in New Bern, consider talking to real estate agents in the local area or using helpful websites like to filter New Bern homes for sale and see what is available for your budget. As well as helping visitors find homes for sale in New Bern, their website allows visitors to save searches, favorite listings and ask local professionals questions.  Consider visiting their website or contacting a team member directly for more information and see how their services could help you find your dream nature-surrounded property today. 


Aptly named, Greensboro is another city in North Carolina to consider relocating to if you enjoy spending time among nature. As well as boasting a close-to-nature feel, much like New Bern, Greensboro offers potential relocators an affordable cost of living, mild weather, good all-round Southern hospitality, spectacular local restaurants, bustling art and entertainment scene, and much more. 

Nicknamed ‘The Gate City’ when it was one of the leading transportation hubs of the 1800s, living in Greensboro is perfect for those that enjoy spending their free time exploring parks, lakes, or nature trails. Residents can look forward to spending their downtime at some of the most popular green spots like Greensboro Arboretum, Tanger Family Bicentennial Garden, Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, Bur-Mil Park, and many more. 

As well as exploring the area for yourself, you will love taking visiting friends and family members on walks throughout the forests, parks, and display gardens or making a day out of it and participating in a fun outdoor activity like paddleboarding, kayaking, or fishing. All before falling into one of Greensboro’s many local restaurants, where you can create new memories to recall for times to come. 


Often called one of the most beautiful places in North Carolina, Asheville is the perfect destination for nature lovers. Positioned in-between the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is known for its natural beauty yet also boasts other sights such as a booming draft beer economy, terrific restaurants, a mild climate, scenic views, and much more. 

Whether you’re a senior citizen, or a teenager looking to fly the nest, Asheville welcomes everyone of all backgrounds; with an active LGBTQ+ community and a proactive protesting community, people of all walks of life find themselves in the natural joys of Asheville, making it a perfect home for all.