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5 Ways To Puppy-Proof Your Home

When you make the decision to bring a dog into your home, it’s important that you practice your due diligence when it comes to creating a safe environment that can help to lengthen a French bulldog lifespan. Therefore, there are several steps you and your family members will need to take in order to eliminate dangers and keep them safe.

Like children, pets tend to be innocent and inquisitive. They’ll want to taste and touch everything, some of which can be dangerous. Therefore, consider these tips when it comes to dog proofing your home.

1) Kitchens and Bathrooms

Some dog owners would agree that the most important rooms you need to dogproof are the bathroom and kitchen. Bathrooms and kitchens tend to be the most dangerous places in the house for dogs. This is because they’re filled with medications, cleaning suppliers, dangerous chemicals, and hazardous objects. When it comes to keeping your dog safe in either room, consider this:

  • Certain kinds of food such as grapes, raisins, and chocolate are toxic to dogs. Keep food away from your dog
  • Store medication, laundry chemicals, and cleaning supplies on high shelves
  • Ensure that the toilet lid is always down. This helps to ensure that your dog doesn’t drink from the toilet which in itself can lead to sickness
  • Trash cans should be covered so that dogs don’t get into them
  • Some dogs are quite clever. Therefore, consider child-proofing cabinet latches

2) Living Room

While the bathroom and kitchen are the most dangerous rooms for dogs, the family room can also be dangerous. To ensure that your dog remains safe in the living room:

  • Cords from televisions and other appliances should be stapled or taped down
  • Small items such as toys can present themselves as a choking hazard to your dog
  • All air and heating vents should have proper covers

3) Bedroom

Most owners would agree that the bedroom is one of the safer rooms in the house for dogs. But there are several things you can do to increase the level of safety it provides to your dog, such as :

  • Lotions, medicines, and cosmetics should be kept out of reach as opposed to a bedside table
  • Shoes and dirty laundry should be properly stored. Dogs love to play with buttons and strings
  • Ensure that your furry friend doesn’t sleep in your drawers or closet before closing them

4) Dog Proof Backyard and Garage

As is the case with the bathroom and kitchen, the backyard and garage are two areas of your home that can be especially dangerous for your pet. If your dog loves spending time in the backyard or garage, consider conducting the following:

  • Keep the garage floor clean and ensure that dangerous chemicals such as antifreeze are kept out of its reach. Most garages feature highly dangerous chemicals that can cause death if a dog consumes them
  • Evaluate the plants in your garden to ensure that none of them are toxic to dogs
  • Consider getting an open shelf or storage cabinet for sharp tools such as hacksaws
  • Inspect your fence and determine if you can find any space or hole where your dog may be able to sequence through. In the event that you do find something, patch it up before leaving your dog outside

5) Dog Proof Items

In today’s world, dog owners have access to a wide array of upholstery, electronics, and other items that can help to puppy-proof your home. Some of those include:

  • Dog-Proof Rugs and Carpets – You can essentially, dogproof your rugs by purchasing types that have the same patterns and colors as your pet’s fur. Additionally, you can also purchase rugs that were made for outdoor use. They tend to be more durable and much easier to clean.
  • There are a lot of advantages to using washable dog pee pads. Imagine how easy it would be to have a pad that quickly wicks, absorbs, and holds more liquid. With the right pad, you can protect your furniture inside and outside as well as function well, especially when it is durable enough to not fall apart or unravel after several washes.
  • Dog Toys – Different dogs have different energy levels. While some dogs don’t mind living a sedentary life, most dogs are highly energetic and like to “burn off” that energy one way or another. Sometimes, a dog may damage upholstery or other house items in an effort to burn off their energy. As such, dog toys can help to serve as the object they focus on when they feel the need to get active.
  • Dog-Proof Couch Covers – Chances are that, like most dogs, your couch will become your best friend’s favorite place. If you’re the type of owner that will allow them on the couch but want to preserve its lifespan, you should get a dogproof couch cover.