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Top 3 Residential Garage Door Designs

When it comes to home improvement projects and functionality, installing a new garage door is always a good decision to make. It presents you with tons of benefits, especially when you are looking at cost versus value. This is simply a practical feature to add if you have a garage. In fact, a simple garage door installation is enough to provide you with a high return when talking about resale value. In any case, it is only ideal to consider first some design elements that can give you an all-around value for your new investment.

Below are three of the top garage door designs that you will certainly enjoy for the years to come.

Wooden Garage Door

If you want to open a brand new aspect to your home’s overall décor, then a wooden garage door is a perfect option. For starters, a wooden garage door installation is synonymous to tons of customization options. It can be built according to the exact measurement of your house. More importantly, they are dent proof, as they provide a plethora of features that are unmatchable. You will also love the durability of a wooden garage door, a quality that allows it to last longer. They are even eco-friendly, as they are either built using a timber or plywood. Either way, whenever replacing comes in, you can recycle your old wooden door.

Compelling reasons to install wooden garage doors:

Variety of Prices – Believe it or not, wooden doors are available in different price range (i.e. mid-price to highly expensive). The affordable price door is usually made of a lightweight timber and is properly filled with insulation. The highly expensive ones, on the other hand, are made of materials such as mahogany, hemlock, and cedar.

A Work of Beauty – Wooden garage doors are not only aesthetically authentic but they are also beautiful. You get to choose various designs and select the one that matches with your home’s architecture. From classic to carriage to contemporary styles, the sky is the limit here!

Steel Garage Door

Just like the aforementioned, a steel garage door installation offers a number of advantages. Compared to other materials, they are extremely durable; hence the term “strong as steel.” For decades, homeowners have relied on the strength and durability of steel garage doors. Add to this the fact that they are rust-proof and thus give you a peace of mind knowing that they can last for ages. And surprisingly, steel doors are affordable compared to others, and they already come in a variety of styles and colors. This flexibility gives you the freedom to virtually match any design you want from top to bottom.

Compelling reasons to install steel garage doors:

Multi-Year Warranties – This is perhaps one of the main reasons homeowners prefer steel garage doors. They simply offer multi-year warranties, though it differs from one contractor to another. The beauty here is that you can easily request for a replacement or repair if your steel garage door develops a problem or two.

Efficiency – Whether you want your garage to be warm or keep your cooled storage cool, steel garage doors got you covered. That is because they can be insulated in order to lock in temperatures and, at the same time, maximize overall garage efficiency. This quality also makes it the best material when it comes to security. And with its durability and long-lasting efficiency, you can certainly save loads of cash down the road.

Glass Garage Door

Glass garage door is all about giving your home the modern, classy look it deserves. This is the kind of garage door installation that can give you a top-notch curb appeal without having to spend thousands of dollars. The modular design, in particular, can transform your garage into a modernistic aesthetic. The sleek elegance provided by a glass garage door goes way beyond the door itself. And if you are someone who suffers from claustrophobia – or, at least, you hate the idea of closeness – then this design is perfect for you. You can see through them while giving you the functionality of opening up space. Make no mistake: modern glass garage doors are now as strong as they are visually beautiful. They are capable of providing you with the strength and reliability you need for your garage.

Compelling reasons to install glass garage door:

Natural Light – This is definitely the most obvious benefit of a glass garage door installation. It just gives you the ability to let in the light. Sure, you can install window panels, but a full-mounted glass garage door is on a whole new level. This is extremely beneficial if you live in a place surrounded by beauty. You can have a full view of your surroundings. Because seriously, why the need to install a solid garage door and obstruct such scenery when you can enjoy it?

Ease of Maintenance – It is a known fact that garage doors are sometimes messy but for obvious reasons. One is that they are always exposed to exterior elements (e.g. sunlight, rain, dust, etc.), while the interior is beaten by grease and oil, among others. What is so interesting about glass garage doors is that they are quite easy to clean and maintain. A mixture of mild soap and warm water is enough to remove those greasy substances. Of course, if you need a more thorough clean-up, a special soap product would do the trick. Either way, glass – in its most organic form – is easily cleaned.