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How to Look Good While Playing Sports

It may not be our primary concern, but deep down, we all want to look good when we’re playing sports. Whether it’s making sure we’ve got the latest equipment, or working on our game in our spare time, we’re willing to go to great lengths to look good at our chosen pastime. 

So, how can you look good while playing sports?


The easiest way to look good while playing sports is by winning. We all know the saying “winning isn’t everything,” but at the end of the day, it’s a pretty important part of sports. 

For most people, they can have all the fancy gear, but they’d trade it all just to win a little more. 

When you finish the game as a winner, it always looks good, and that’s the part everyone remembers. Sometimes you’ve got to forget about what you look like and focus on the result.


When you feel the part you tend to play the part. 

Having the right equipment is important and aside from helping you to look good, it can help you to play better. For a sport like tennis, you’ve got some basic equipment you need, so it’s worth doing your research and looking at a site like The Tennis Bros.

Getting the right gear is one of the first steps you take in sport, so you might as well make sure you look good as well. 


Think of some of the most iconic sports stars in the world and the chances are they’ve got great technique. 

Roger Federer in tennis, Lionel Messi in soccer, Michael Jordan in basketball – they all had standout technique and managed to make their sports look easy. Emulating this feat is no easy thing, but if you’ve got good technique, the chances are you’re going to look pretty good out there.


We started out by saying winning is pretty important and it is. However, plenty of people find a way to win and not come across in the best light. When you display exemplary sportsmanship though, you can’t help but look good. 

Sports are about providing us with fair competition and that’s one of the main reasons they’re so popular. If you’re not abiding by the rules and playing in the spirit of the game, then you’re not going to look good. 

Good sports don’t always get rewarded, but they do always look good. 

Trick Shots

Trick shots are something of a double edged sword. When you pull them off you look like a genius, but when you get them wrong, you can look very stupid. 

Most sports have certain trick shots you can play, but it’s important you don’t get too carried away with them. Yes, they can make you look good, but they’re generally not that useful. If they were the best way to do things, then they wouldn’t be called trick shots afterall. 

Trick shots can make you look like a hero, but they can also make you look like a zero.

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