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How do hearing aids work?

Deterioration or complete loss of hearing significantly affects the comfort of everyday life. This is not only a communication problem or a safety threat but also a source of shame for many people. It is difficult to admit to both people around us and ourselves that we do not hear everything. A hearing aid can provide a solution in this situation. How does it work, and when should you start using it?

The primary task of a hearing aid is to transmit sound to the ear so that it is audible to a person who is hard of hearing. No matter what type of hearing aid you decide to go with, it consists of three components:

  • microphone – this is an element of the device that is responsible for the correct collection of sounds from the environment: voices of other people, but also the noise of an oncoming car or simply the music that we want to listen to;
  • amplifier – collecting the sound is obviously not enough for a person with hearing problems. In order to actually get the optimal effect, it is necessary to amplify the collected audio signals;
  • speaker – this part is responsible for transmitting the amplified sound to the hearing aid user. Thanks to this element, you can maintain full comfort and conduct conversations without fear that you will not hear something.

As you can see, a hearing aid can be a useful device that will increase the comfort of life and have a positive impact on safety: for example, when crossing the road, a hard of hearing person can hear a fast-approaching vehicle. Additionally, thanks to a hearing aid, it is possible for many people to return to the social life that they had to step behind due to the feeling of shame.

Who needs a hearing aid?

A hearing aid is a device that every person with hearing problems should have. These are:

  • people whose hearing deteriorates with age – it is natural that hearing degeneration occurs over the years. In this case, the hearing aid can be a significant help, thanks to which you will return to the previous comfort while watching TV or talking to people around you.
  • people whose hearing is impaired as a result of an accident or illness – in such a situation, a hearing aid can also help and improve the quality of life.

Each time, the decision about the necessity to use a hearing aid should be made by a specialist: either an otolaryngologist or an audiologist. You cannot buy this type of medical equipment on your own: an improperly selected hearing aid can cause more trouble than good!

Deteriorated hearing – what next?

People who suspect that their hearing is impaired should see a specialist. But it’s normal to feel ashamed and think, “What if I’m exaggerating?” In such a situation, it is worth doing an online hearing test for your own comfort. It will help you decide whether an appointment with a specialist and selecting the appropriate hearing aid is essential.

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