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Here are Creative Ways to Save Money On Your Wedding

While planning a wedding is certainly fun, it can also be tiring. Every couple has some dreams for their wedding. Just like a bride may dream of buying a designer wedding dress, a groom may have his heart set on getting a vintage ring for his wife. But, actually, making these dreams come true is often expensive and impractical. You can get discounts at designer shops and buy vintage bridal jewelry at good prices form stores like EraGem. However, there are many other things involved in wedding planning that can hike up the budget for no reason. Spending unnecessary money on fine catering and expensive stationery can increase your budget and eat up your savings in no time. Instead of wasting money on unnecessary things, why not save it for other things like a longer honeymoon or some home renovation? Let us look at some creative ways to save money on your wedding.

Go Non-Traditional for Wedding Rings

Non-Traditional for Wedding Rings
It’s not always necessary to go the traditional route when it comes to weddings. Many couples these days opt for alternatives to the classic rings. And it is not just to cut the expense. There are many other elegant alternatives to diamond rings in the market that look fashionable and rich but are less expensive than diamonds. If you love diamonds and have always wanted a diamond ring, then sure go for it. But if you think you can let go of the diamonds and look for other alternatives, you might save a lot for your wedding.

Bring Your Own Drinks

No, we’re not telling you to ask your guests to bring their own drinks! Instead you can let go of the in-house bar in your venue and use your own drinks for the guests. Most wedding venues these days allow the hosts to bring their own drinks. Instead of using the venue’s in0house liquor which is highly overpriced, you can bring your own liquor and let the house bartender serve it to your guests. This way you can save on a lot of money and also make sure your guests have proper drinks and refreshments.

Use Your Own Catering

Use Your Own Catering
Just like drinks, you can use your own caterers for the wedding too. Sure, most wedding venues have their own caterers which can provide freshly made food. However, in-house catering is always pricey and the options are also limited. More often than not you have to compromise on the menu or select something from the options offered by the venue. However, nowadays, many venues let the hosts bring their own catering and provide waiting staff if needed. This is a great option if you want a particular menu or food for your wedding or are looking to cut down on the costs.

Buy Local and Seasonal Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of any wedding. Hence, it makes sense to order fresh and beautiful flowers for the big day. However, these blooms are not going to last long. Especially the flowers used for the venue and table décor will only be thrown away later on. Hence, it makes sense to try and reduce costs of flowers to avoid such wastage of money. That doesn’t mean not buying flowers. But instead of wasting money on imported flowers, go for local and seasonal blooms. They are easily available as they’re in season and can beautify your wedding with no extra costs!

While there are many ways to cut down on the costs of a wedding, these tips often get more savings and good results. However, it is better to first prioritize what you want and avoid spending money on unnecessary things.