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3 Time saving Tips From Professional House Cleaners

Cleaning professionals know how to increase efficiency while also removing dirt, dust, and crumbs. Learn what they do. How experts clean their homes, from time-saving tips such as steaming your microwave, to habits that keep things cleaner longer. Cutting cleaning time by several hours.

Swap Your Home

Before you pick up the scrub brush, you need to be smart about cleaning. By using soap that contains glycerin or vegetable oil, the walls, and floor of your shower will look shinier longer. With these soaps, you won’t get white, gummy soap scum left on the shower wall as you do with soaps that are tallow-based. Hire cleaning services fort collins for ease.

Distractions are not unavoidable for professionals. Vicki Brown spends four hours each time she cleans her house, even though it shouldn’t take that long. When she cleans her house, she is distracted. Organize your linen closet or store winter hats and scarves by setting your phone to vibrate and turning off the TV. Don’t worry about details until another time.

Complete Easy Stuff

Spend a little time spiffing up a few low-traffic rooms before tackling larger projects in high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen and bathroom. The Cleaning Coach, Leslie Reichert, believes you’ll be inspired to complete the rest of your house. The dining room, living room, or home office may be the best place to start for families with many members.

Are your toothbrush holders dirty? Is the drain in your sink clogged? They rely on the dishwasher for easy cleaning of soap dishes, toothbrush holders, drains, range hood filters, and more. If it fits, hard plastics, glass, ceramics, or metals are acceptable.

Are you fond of cleaning your bathtubs and showers? The task seems overwhelming. Those who want to reduce the frequency of this chore can purchase a squeegee and encourage everyone in the house to do so after a bath or shower. If you need to clean the tub wall or the tub sides, you should direct the water directly to the drain. 

Soap and shampoo residue will be washed away with water rather than evaporating and leaving a film on your porcelain or stone. As long as you continue to do this, you will only need to clean your tub and shower once a month.

Steam MicroWave

Maybe you heated up some tea during your cleaning break. If you clean the kitchen often, then you probably check the microwave. Now it’s turned on, but you haven’t turned it off yet. These walls, ceilings, and floors have been permanently stained with food splatter, and they cannot be removed. To make a nice cup of tea, Lane recommends filling a cup or mug with water and then microwaving it for 2 to 3 minutes. By softening the residue with steam, it can be wiped off more easily.

Reichert recommends blowing down curtains, bookshelves, lampshades, and mantles and vacuuming them afterwards. Reichert theorizes you can suck it all up if you use a good vacuum-ideally one with a HEPA filter.

No matter what type of vacuum you use — upright, canister, bagless, or bagged — make sure you maintain it regularly to ensure you get the most out of it. For best results, disposable bags should be changed every month, the machine’s bottom and inside should be cleaned, and the rotating brush (the part of the machine that attracts hair) should be cleaned. It is also recommended to have the machine professionally cleaned every year.  

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