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What to Look for in Home Designers Near Me

Are you looking to redesign the flow, structure and layout of your home? Sure, you get just hand it over to a renovator and let them handle it, but they might lack the experience to execute such matters. Your best course of action is to speak to a home designer.

But what do you look for in a home designer? Is there something that stands out from the rest? Are key characteristics more important than others?

Thankfully, we have this article to explain what you should look for in a home designer while also helping find one ‘near me’.

Five Things to Look for in a Home Designer

Experience & Education

There is no doubting that when it comes to something as important as designing the layout, flow and structure of your home, you want someone with experience and plenty of education. Always look for home designers that have a healthy experience record (anything five years plus is a win; more than 10 is unbelievable), and have the education from universities and colleges that back up their experience. The more, obviously, the better for you.

Track Record of Designs

To truly back up experience and education, a track record of stunning designs needs to be available. That’s what you need to look for in a home designer. Whether it’s a gallery on their website, a portfolio in their offices or a stack of references, ask for a check on their past work to ensure they live up to their experience and your expectations.

What their Services Include

Some home designers offer you complete renderings of 2D and 3D models while working alongside your home construction team. Others just provide the plans and let you go off on your journey. Finding out what is part of their services will help you determine what works for your project, budget and planning. Many will offer services that include procuring permits on your behalf. Ultimately, it’s down to what you want and can afford.

Types of Homes They Create

‘Home’ is a loose term in the industry. They could mean detached homes, attached homes like duplexes, or condos. They can also mean vacation homes, mansions or townhouses. This means you’ll need to find a home designer that can cater to your home’s structure and design, as well as your preferences. Some focus on mansions and detached homes, while others tend to focus on inner-city dwellings or vacation homes. Look for a designer that will work with your home, so you’re guaranteed the results you want.

The Cost of their Services

The cost of hiring a home designer will vary depending on several factors: their experience and education, the size of your home and project, the procurement of permits and if you work with construction companies. Your aim is to find someone that works within your budget without blowing it completely out of the water. Just remember: too cheap and they might be under-cutting your service; too expensive and they could be charging you more than they should.

How to Find Home Designers ‘Near Me’

There are a few simple ways in which you can find a home designer that suits your budget and meets your personal criteria. Consider these options below when it comes to finding your leading expert:

  1. Find home designs that work to your personal style. Magazines, websites like Houzz and Pinterest show work of great home designs, as well as their details. This is a great starting point as you can narrow down your search based on what you like.
  2. Ask friends, family or work colleagues for any recommendations they might have. You could also speak to renovation companies, real estate agents and developers if they know any person or company in the industry.
  3. Go online and check reviews. Using the likes of Google and Facebook reviews can determine if you should hire a home designer or not.
  4. Utilize professional organizations that support and provide certifications to home designers. Most of these organizations have a database that helps provide you with information about home designers located near your area.

We hope that this guide will help you in finding a home designer near where you live while ensuring you get the best possible professional.