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My Instagram Profile as My Homepage

To increase views and followers, make your profile your homepage. Any visit to your content and attracting more followers is through the profile.

What does your profile communicate? Relook at your profile and remake it. The followers read your profile before clicking that ‘follow’ button.

The more followers, the more views you have. So work on your feed, what are your captions, comments, and hashtags. If you’re an influencer or a business, your profile is the first impression.

Make your aesthetics worth it; your profile photo, your highlights, and your bio. Align everything to your brand.

You can use professionals for Instagram marketing to improve your profile and feeds. Where do you start?

The template for stories and editing photography.

Instagram has a story template you need to utilize. The template makes your stories come out beautifully uniform. The template will make
the stories look complementary to your feed.

Use the adobe Lightroom to improve the presets of your pictures. Your aim is more views and buying Lightroom is a small investment.

Are your photos appealing now? Well, use the Instagram most-watched to compare their profile photos with yours. Life is a competition you need to be at your best to overdo others. Take the first step, edit, or take new photos.

Use Instagram stories that show-off your brand.

Entice your to-be followers through captivating stories in your news feed. Keep your feed stories up-to-date with highlights.

Ensure that the highlights are great during the launch of a product or announcing a great event. You can make your profile page a link to
your site. The Instagram stories are simply your introduction to your brand.

Use the stories for exciting events, launches, and offers. When offering discounts for your customers, for a movie, or a promotion. The highlights in the feed should contain the details.

Post more Videos on Your Feed

To make your profile great, add videos with stories. This will increase more views of your profile. The ‘follow’ button will get more clicks. Your brand will get more customers. The videos should capture the attention of the viewer. It should resonate with your feed stories.

Most Instagram viewers are looking for captivating information that will hold them on your page. Give them exactly what they want.

Edit your videos to make them of high quality. Add hashtags to your videos to attract more views. You can buy the views too albeit legally.

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What Will Happen After?

Fill your feed with stories and highlights that attract more views. Add to them the great quality videos for your brand. They should lead to your business and more followers.

Go to Instagram Analytics to find how many followers you had. Then compare the followers after improving your profile. The views will likely increase by 20% in a month. The business needs more customers and influencers need more followers. If your numbers are not good, then you are doing something wrong.

That step of revamping your Instagram page starts at the profile. Improve the profile photos, the videos, and the highlighted stories.

What then, görüntüleme nasıl satın alınır? You don’t need to buy with your new profile.