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JJSPY Review: Tracking and Monitoring Software for iPhone & Android

The demand for mobile spy software has grown drastically over the last few years. For that reason, many companies have begun marketing their software tools to help people track and monitor remotely what is happening on a target phone.

You will come across many spyware software claiming that they support remote installation, offer unlimited range, and give Bluetooth spy capabilities and work on all types of phones. Don’t believe such promises unless you have already witnessed them. The rise of scam spy software has also been on the loop over the years and hence, there’s need to read reviews of specific spy software and check what their previous customers are saying to be sure you’re making the best decision.

Avoiding scam spy software

Before we head to discuss and review one of the most sought after spy software in the market today, JJSPY, let’s first of all touch on how to identify spy software which is a scam. Here are some things and fake promises to look out for;

Remote installation

Don’t fall for anything more than a physical installation of the spy software on the target phone. If you come across a spy tool claiming it can be installed on the target phone remotely, be very cautious. First of all, ask yourself what means can you possibly use to install the software remotely? I think it’s easy to realize that this is so unrealistic and far-fetched.

Spying on any mobile phone

This is another very common trick that these developers and scammers use to drain your financial reserves. I cannot understand how one software can be supported by all the mobile Operating systems. Always be on the lookout for such advertisements.

Absolutely free tracking software

Unless these people want to help you track your own phone, I don’t understand how they can offer all those features, sustain the app and provide timely support for free. Verily, many software claim they can help you track a target phone for free. As long as I am concerned, there’s no totally free spy software that can be functional right now.

Tracking via Phone number

I am not trying to be smart here but there is no way you can access camera, photos, messages and apps via a phone number. There are many software claiming that they can help you track a phone remotely via a Phone number. Be very skeptical about these advertisements.

Unlimited range or use of Bluetooth to monitor

Bluetooth is a short range technology that cannot monitor someone a kilometer away. It’s also very easy to be disconnected from the target phone when the owner puts off the Bluetooth functionality. So, I cannot understand how Bluetooth can work to offer unlimited range of spying and monitoring.

So what is genuine Spy software?

A genuine spy app should offer a reliable and candid refund policy. JJSPY for example offers 30-day refund for specific situations.

This shows that the company is a genuine developer of the website and they have ultimate trust in their software.
Secondly, the company should offer responsive customer support through live chats and email chats. JJSPY gives all their customers a chance to get responses and solutions 24/7 via their official email address: [email protected]

The price should be affordable and reasonable

Scam websites may want to get as much money from you for unfounded promises. For that reason, a good company should offer all their services at a very affordable price. The price should also be reasonable given all the features you’re going to get from their software. JJSPY asks for US $49.99 monthly for all the services offered.

It’s also very important to check the features of the software and determine whether the company offers genuine and reasonable features. JJSPY for example will need a physical installation of the app on the target phone. After that, you will have the below features:

  • Access to browser history
  • Access to apps activity
  • Password and Keylogger
  • Photos
  • Live Front Camera streaming
  • Remotely activate camera streaming
  • Live microphone activation to listen to the surrounding
  • Take photos remotely
  • Get access to messages remotely
  • Check on whatsapp remotely
  • Can record remotely.

How JJSPY Works

Regardless of whether you want to track and monitor an android or iPhone, JJSPY works in a very simple way. The software actually follows a  3-steps process to start functioning.

  • Sign up and subscribe
  • Download and install on the target phone
  • Start Monitoring on your browser’s control panel


JJSPY prices

For both android and iPhone, you will only be required to bill $49.99 every month for all the stated features. This is one of the most affordable tools for android and iPhone users.

JJSPY for iPhone

People are getting access to all forms of phones operating from different OS. For that reason, it’s easy to remotely have the need to know what your employee, your partner or child is doing with their iPhones or work phones JJSPY is one good app for spying on all types of iPhones at any time of the day. The cost of spying on an iPhone is the same as that of purchasing the app on android phones. To spy on iPhones and iPad, you should have the icloud log in credentials.

Here are some features that JJSPY offers for IPhone users.

  • Get access to call History
  • WI-FI history
  • Calendar activities
  • Location History
  • Line
  • Whatsapp contacts
  • Apps
  • Voice Memos
  • Text messages
  • Browser History and many others

JJSPY for android Phones

Android users can equally download JJSPY and start using for only $49.99. Tracking android phones is seamlessly the easiest of all abilities. This means that android users will just have to download JJSPY on the target phone and eventually get access to the below features:

  • Screen capturing remotely
  • Camera activation remotely
  • Live Surrounding via microphone
  • Take front and back photos
  • Get access to messages
  • Get access to whatsapp
  • Access messenger and other social apps
  • GPS location
  • SIM card Tracker
  • Wi-Fi History
  • Apps activities
  • Browser History