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How to Grow a Natural Beard

Culturally, men are known to be rough and tough. Yes, be it emotionally or physically. Haven’t we heard the famous line “Men don’t cry”. Yes, indeed. Similarly, besides being emotionally strong they are physically tough as well, where beard reflects on masculinity. Since ages, it has been the symbol of toughness and power. However, growing a beard takes a lot of endurance. Let’s now take a look at the below post to know the ways on how to grow a natural beard.

Know your eating habits

Do you know that your eating habits have a direct effect towards hair growth in your body? Yes, indeed. Take healthy proteins which can be achieved through nuts, eggs, fish and meat as it will assist towards growing hair on your face in a quick manner


When diet is important, how can you undermine the importance of exercise? Yes, workout as it reduces stress and increase the level of testosterone for boosting hair growth in your body. It is no rocket science to understand, that if you aren’t in a proper shape, then don’t expect your hair to growth healthy and fast too. However, growing beard also relates to hereditary where a son tends to grow quickly, if his father has grown in a speedy manner

Do you know that dead cells may hinder hair growth?

Yes, indeed. So why don’t you get rid of them in the first case. The best thing you can do is to exfoliate your skin on weekly basis. It will stimulate hair growth and it rids of dead cells. Also, you will feel light where your skin glows by shedding the unwanted layer of dirt which you have encountered in the open surroundings.

Growing beard initially

Do you know the reason why the excitement amongst men to grow long beard subsides after few weeks? Well, it is because they have high expectations from the premature beard as they start to shape. It also appears patchy. It looks shapeless and scruffy and that’s where they clean it up, hoping that it will be in shape.

Growth Phase

You have been shaving for so long and now your body will take time to get accustomed to beard. Yes, your skin will itch due to sudden hair growth where accompanying dirt and dust further gives irritation to your skin. However, through your firm determination and patience, this phase will pass. Keep it clean. Perhaps one can also take help of natural & effective beard oils to nourish it well and keep it itch free.

Beard Maintenance

In nearly 2 months, you may feel that the beard hair has become curly. It is quite natural and you should welcome this new change and let this phase pass. After 3 months, you wash your beard once a week based on the need and likewise this is how you start your journey which goes up to your desired tenure of 6 months or longer.

You need the support of your loved ones

You need love and support of your loved ones. Be confident with your friends and don’t care if anyone mocks or hates you, as you will come across beard haters as well. Using these tactics one can grow beard naturally and make it healthy looking.

Final thoughts

The rate at which the beard grows is half an inch per month on an average. However, it varies from person to person depending on genetics, testosterone level, lifestyle along with hormones which are responsible for beard growth.

So, the most obvious and pleasant characteristic you will imbibe is that of patience. A grown up beard is easily maintained than the usual chore of shaving daily. The man with beard speaks about positivity, maturity, strength and of course confidence. It certainly boosts the personality and gives you the respect you deserve.